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Advantages of Noise-Cancelling Headset

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From the perspective of consumer behaviour, the popularity of noise-cancelling headsets with mics in recent years is closely related to the social environment, user mentality and consumption level. Under the huge pressure of life, noise-cancelling headsets are a safe haven for many people. Just put on the headsets, activate the noise reduction button, and enjoy the favourite music in a quiet environment, which is a kind of relaxation after busy work. The comfortable use scene, coupled with a noise-cancelling headset with a mic effectively blocking the noise in office or travel scenes, is the driving force that many people buy noise-cancelling headsets with a mic.

A Noise-Cancelling Headset

Sound Masking Effect of Noise Cancelling Headset

Active noise cancelling headset with microphone is seemingly born to create a quiet listening environment for us. Is this created for us to better appreciate music? In fact, noise-cancelling headsets with mics were built for a deeper goal - to protect hearing. Excessive noise has a great influence on the reproduction of music details. This is due to the masking effect of the sound: although all sounds will enter our ears, if there is a stronger sound and a weaker sound at the same time, we will feel the stronger sound is clearer and the weaker pound will be masked. To put it simply, although both the stronger sound and the weaker sound exist, and the weaker sound does not disappear in the presence of the stronger sound but is covered up, causing a false impression of "hearing" that the weaker sound is inaudible. Our company can provide you with professional noise cancelling bluetooth headphones& headsets.


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