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    Q What does 7.1 mean on headset?

    A In home theatre configurations, 7.1 surround sound is commonly known as an eight-channel surround audio system. Two additional speakers (5.1) are added to the conventional six-channel audio configuration.
  • Is Surround Sound 7.1 good for gaming?

    With 7.1 surround sound, the sound has greater depth and precision, with slightly better sound quality. The price of 7.1 channel headsets is higher, however. A good 7.1 surround sound headset is recommended for gaming or audio, but a 5.1 headset will suffice for general tasks.
  • Is 5V 2A A fast charger?

    A charger running at 5V and 2A creates 10W, a fast charger using 9V and 1.67A creates 15W, and so on. In fact, instead of using 9V and 1.67A (to provide 15W), VOOC uses 5V and 4A (to provide 20W). However, there is one more thing you should know. The battery of a smartphone is charged in two stages.
  • What is Bluetooth stereo headset?

    A pair of headphones which can be connected to either a user's cellphone, a music player, a computer or a stereo. Bluetooth headphones may also feature a built-in microphone and function as headsets for smartphones, but their primary purpose is to play music.
  • Can you use Bluetooth headphones on a stereo?

    To switch between functions other than Bluetooth, press the FUNCTION button on the unit. Connect the Bluetooth headphones within 3 feet of the system. Set the Bluetooth headphones in pairing mode.
  • What is 3.5mm audio?

    The wired earphones 3.5mm jack is an industry standard audio plug. Connects a pair of stereo headphones to your smartphone or 'pipes' audio from your phone to an external amplifier at home or in your car. The number of connector rings on a pair of headphones can determine whether the headphones have a microphone.
  • Is 3.5 mm the same as headphone jack standard?

    A small round connector that accepts the pin-shaped plug from a standard pair of headphones. Cellphone headsets used to plug into smaller 2.5mm jacks in older phones. Depending on the number of separate connector rings on the plug or jack, either size can support stereo sound and/or a microphone.
  • Which brand is best for wired earphones?

    The best wired earphones with mic in China

    1.BassHeads 100 will take place. The BAAT BassHeads 100 is equipped with a 10mm dynamic driver and a speaker resistance of 16 ohm, allowing it to produce a punchy and rhythmic sound. ...
    2.Buds 2 from Realme.
    3.C200SI by JBL. ...
    4.Hatton MDR-EX150AP earphone with mic. ...
    5.The Bolt Audio BassBuds X1.
  • Is 3.5 mm good for headphones?

    In general, professional headphones come packaged with an adapter allowing them to connect to 1/4" TRS audio amplifiers, and many pro headphones come with a 3.5mm-to-6.35mm adapter.

    Differences in size.
    Plug Diameter Plug Length
    3.5mm (~1/8") 14mm - 17mm 0.55" - 0.69"
    6.35mm (1/4") 30mm - 31mm 1.18" - 1.22"
    2.5mm 11mm 0.43"
  • How to improve your phone's audio with a portable DAC?

    Streaming services have expanded their catalogs to include lossless audio as their latest move. Even though it is unclear when Spotify will launch its lossless service, there are no shortage of streaming services to get high quality music from right now between Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon Music Unlimited, Deezer, and Qobuz. It's just that you might not have what you need to actually listen to any of those lossless tracks.

    With almost any earbuds, you could make the most of your streaming subscription until the big streaming services moved into lossless audio. Despite this, even the lowest quality lossless music pushes most Bluetooth codecs to the limit. If you want to get the most for your money, you need a wired connection.
  • Wired vs. Wireless Gaming Headsets: Which One Is Better?

    There are wired and wireless gaming headsets. Which type should you choose for your next purchase?

    When you consider the sheer variety of options available in the market, buying gaming headphones can be difficult. There are two broad types of gaming headphones: wired and wireless.

    Particularly in competitive gaming, a good pair of headphones can make all the difference. That is one of the main reasons why it's so important for you to do your research and select a decent pair of headphones.

    There are pros and cons to both wired and wireless headsets. But, which one's better? Let's find out!

    Wired Headsets: Why Are They Popular?

    Games are incredibly popular with wired headsets, which are older than wireless headsets. People prefer wired headphones to wireless headphones for many reasons.

    Sound quality

    It's important to understand that the sound quality of a pair of headphones depends on more than just the type of connection. The drivers inside and the quality of materials also play an important role.

    For instance, a high-end pair of wireless headphones will obviously sound better than a budget set of headphones. Overall, gamers prefer wired headphones since there is little chance of signal loss or interference.

    The cable transmits audio directly, which reduces latency too. For gaming, wired headphones in the same price range will definitely sound better than their wireless counterparts. A number of wired PC gaming headsets are consistently rated as the best by gamers.

    Greater Compatibility

    Wireless compatibility is not available on all gaming consoles. The 3.5 mm headphone jack is essentially a universal connector on wired headphones. You can use these with any gaming console you can imagine, including handheld devices.

    Moreover, wired headsets are also compatible with mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. There are some high-end headphones that come with an integrated sound card, which transmits the audio signal digitally.

    Getting rid of background noise will result in a sharper, cleaner sound. Most wired headsets, especially USB ones, come with software that allows you to adjust the sound according to your preferences.

    Presets for popular game types, such as first-person shooters, are also included. This way, you get the best possible sound depending on the type of game you're playing.

    Affordable Pricing

    There are some wired gaming headphones that aren't outrageously expensive. Affordable headphones are offered by a number of companies. For instance, wired earphones 3.5mm is an excellent choice for casual gamers.

    This product has RGB lighting, excellent sound, and is made of durable materials. Wireless headphones are almost always more expensive, and wired headphones have more variety.
    No Battery Worries

    Another advantage of wired headphones is that you don't have to worry about recharging them! It's really quite frustrating when you're midway through a long gaming session, and your headphone batteries run out.

  • Are gaming headphones better?

    Gaming is better with headphones. Gaming headphones will improve both your single-player and multiplayer experience. Compared to speakers, you get louder, more immersive, and directional sound while blocking external noise.
  • Have you been using the same charging cable for years?

    It’s easy to get emotionally attached, but you may not realize that your devices charge much slower than they should. Here are some clear signs that might call for a replacement.

    Fraying or Broken Wire

    Everyone’s dealt with this a couple if not dozens of times in their life. You buy a new charging cable for your electronics, and a few months or even weeks later the wire starts to fray or stops working.

    When you see wire exposed on a cable, it means the cable is on its last legs. It’s best that you refrain from using the cable as it could cause further damage to your device, or worse, an electrical shock or fire hazard. When you don't see any visible damage to the cable, but the phone still doesn't charge, make sure it's plugged in properly or try a different outlet.

    A new replacement cable is usually better than trying to fix it yourself. Charging cables are often pretty cheap, especially when it comes to smaller devices, such as your phone or iPad. Consider investing in a higher quality cable from a reputable brand this time. Like the Native Union iPhone Charger, you should be able to tell they're made of durable, reinforced material. This type of reinforced cable is designed to withstand constant wear and tear, so you don't have to worry about them bending and breaking.

  • What are the benefits of noise-cancelling headphones?

    You can protect your hearing by wearing noise-cancelling headphones, in addition to enjoying your music. The only way to drown out ambient noise without noise-cancelling technology is to turn the volume up. Done on a regular basis, this can lead to permanent hearing damage. Noise-cancelling headphones let you listen at lower volumes, reducing the impact on your eardrums. ANC is also useful if you have hypersensitivity, hyperacusis or a similar health condition, as the technology can help reduce the strain on your ears.

    ANC can affect the sound quality of your headphones because the noise-cancelling wave interferes with the frequencies in what you're listening to. The effect is usually minimal, and better than putting up with background noise. You might also hear a slight high-pitched hiss in the background when nothing is playing – but, again, it’s a small price to pay for the ability to enjoy your music untroubled by intrusive external sounds.

  • How does active noise cancellation work?

    ANC relies on a combination of external microphones built into the headphones and sophisticated digital signal processing. Microphones constantly monitor the ambient sounds around you, while the digital signal processor plays the exact inverse of that sound alongside your music. The result is that those outside noises are effectively cancelled out, allowing you to enjoy your music as it was meant to be heard.

    Although ANC is a very impressive technology, it does not eliminate every type of background noise. The shorter the wavelength of high frequencies, the more difficult it is to eliminate them in real-time. The technology is most effective at blocking out lower-frequency sounds, such as the rumble of aeroplane engines.

  • What style of noise-cancelling headphones should I buy?

    There are a wide variety of noise-cancelling headphones on the market, and their ability to passively block out ambient noise varies greatly from style to style.

    It has been shown that closed-back over-ear headphones offer the best passive noise-cancellation, as their earcups are sealed and enclose the ear. Open-back over-ear headphones actively let sound in, so you won't find any noise-cancelling headphones sporting an open-back design.

    On-ear headphones let some sound in owing to the way they sit on your ears. This doesn't make ANC redundant, but there aren't nearly as many on-ear headphones with ANC as there are over-ear options.

    In-ear headphones do passive noise cancellation slightly differently: they use silicone eartips to seal your ear canals and isolate sound that way. There are some in-ear noise-cancelling headphones that use an open-fit design – where the earpieces rest just inside your ears – but we recommend you steer clear of these if you're after decent ANC as they let too much sound in.

    Ultimately, the style you choose will depend on what is most comfortable for you and practical under the conditions in which you intend to use your noise-cancelling headphones.
  • What types of noise cancellation do wireless headphones have?

    There are two types of noise-cancelling features available for wireless headphones: active and passive. Passive noise cancellation simply means physically blocking out external noises. It's often referred to as “sound isolation”, and the style of headphones you choose will have a significant impact on how effective it is.

    It is much easier to listen to music with active noise cancellation since it uses clever technology to reduce ambient noise.

    One downside of the technology is that it is rather expensive, but more affordable options are emerging. For less expensive alternatives to ANC headphones, you may want to take a look at our roundups of the best Bluetooth headphones and best cheap headphones.

  • What kind of headset should I buy?

    In-ear Bluetooth earpieces are good for taking work calls on the move, as we’ve already mentioned. They’re cheap, simple and tend to work best with a smartphone, but they won’t block out outside noise and offer little in the way of long-term comfort or extra features.

    Monoaural headsets (or Britney headsets, colloquially) are the sort you might see a telemarketer, call center agent or legendary pop singer wearing. As they only have one earpiece, they're a good compromise if you don't have to completely block out the outside world at work. They often offer similar features to traditional headsets at a reduced cost, making them great value.

    Binaural headsets are your traditional on-ear or over-ear headphones. Technically, any pair of headphones or gaming headset you might own counts as binaural. They’re the only variety to offer full active noise cancellation (ANC) and the only variety suitable for listening to music; they also tend to be the most expensive, but compensate with plenty of features and supreme comfort.


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