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  • [Blog] Is It Safe to Wear Headphones While Charging Laptop?

    You may have heard a lot of people advise against using headphones when a gadget is being charged. On the other side, you may have also heard some individuals assert that using headphones while charging laptops or other gadgets is entirely acceptable. You could have also run into a third group of in

  • [Blog] The risk of using headphones when charging a smartphone

    Nowadays, the use of electronic gadgets is on the rise,smartphones and laptops are always short on battery and charging.We’ve also noticed an increase in the usage of earphones and headphones while charging. But can you use headphones while charging laptop or smartphone?What are the consequences and

  • [Blog] A wireless gaming headset suitable for girls

    One of the most liberating accessories you can acquire for your gaming PC is a wireless gaming headset. A wireless gaming headset will enable you to continue playing your favorite games while moving around, right next to a wireless gaming mouse. A good wireless gaming headset will keep you connected

  • [Blog] The detailed description of Pixie's cat ear headphones

    Headphones nowadays come in different shapes and sizes. Some may look more like your average headphones but some are much more unique — perhaps with flashing LEDs and cat ears.Kitty headphones or cat ear headphones have gained popularity through the years.If you tried to buy one right off the bat, m

  • [Blog] How to Choose the Right Cat Headset

    Accessories with a touch of cat have been popular for quite some time. Among the various products available on the market, Cat ear headphones have a unique following worldwide. These headphones combine the latest technology in sound with a touch of fun and creativity.Aside from the cute cat ears, th

  • [Blog] Typical Reasons for Headphone Dents

    Don't freak out if you notice a dent on the top of your skull after using headphones. There are several causes for this. Hair naturally grows upward in headphones, but as it becomes longer, it begins to bend and fall at the tips. Because of this, there is an airy space between the end of your hair a

  • [Blog] Can tinnitus sufferers wear headphones?

    Can tinnitus sufferers wear headphones?Wearing headphones while suffering from tinnitus can be extremely aggravating. However, if the proper precautions are taken, this does not have to be the case. If you have tinnitus, you can wear headphones as long as you keep the volume low. Wearing noise-cance

  • [Blog] Does Using Headphones Change Your Ear Shape?

    No, wearing headphones will not change the shape of your ears. Any visible changes to your earlobes will disappear after a shorter break. Consider this: if headphones can alter the shape of your ears, lying on your sides can as well. According to research, a human ear fully matures at the age of 7-8

  • [Blog] The Difference Between High and Low Impedance

    Inside the headphones are voice coils, which are made of coiled copper wires. The greater the impedance, the thinner the wire, and vice versa. Thinner wires make electricity movement more difficult, hence the high impedance. Thicker wires, on the other hand, enable more current to flow. As a result,

  • [Blog] Precautions for Using Headphones Overnight

    The easiest method to avoid any of the hazards associated with using headphones while charging is to simply stop doing it. If that's too much to ask, there are other safeguards you can take without jeopardizing your bedtime routine. Make use of cordless headphones or speakers.Because Bluetooth head

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