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  • [Blog] Do you know the difference between active and passive noise cancelling?

    Active noise cancellation is the technology described above, where microphones and speakers work together to reduce or remove background noises. It was originally only found in larger over-the ear headphones that could contain the hardware required for the technology , but never models have made it

  • [Blog] How do noise cancelling headphones work?

    With the rapid development of science and technology, and in order to meet the needs of various consumers, the term noise-cancelling headphones has gradually entered the public’s field of vision. A series of terms such as active noise cancellation and passive noise cancellation have attracted people

  • [Blog] Tips on choosing the best gaming headset

    Whether it is call of duty, fortnite, Red dead redemption, or something more under the rader , choosing the right gaming headset can make all the difference to your performance.A headset with the right sound quality, microphone, and comfort can enhance your gameplay-fully immersing you and bringing

  • [Blog] Are Bluetooth headphoens good for gaming?

    For gamers, the game soundtrack and game sound are very important. They do not wnat to be disturbed by the outside world during the game. When choosing game headsets, computer gamers mostly choose wired headsets, while mobile game players are more likely to choose headsets. Choose more head-mounted

  • [Blog] Choosing the best headphones for kids

    These days, kids need a variety of technology, not just for fun and entertainment, but to also help support their development.Being able to listen to music, join online classes and watch videos is paramount for kids learning, which has left many parents wondering what’s best when it comes to headpho

  • [Blog] Wireless gaming headsets can also be a good option

    Wireless and bluetooth headphones do have some key differences. By design, all bluetooth headphones are wireless and use short-range radio waves to connect to your console. However, some wireless options do not run on bluetooth technology and can use anything from radio frequency, infrared, internal

  • [Blog] What is noise reduction of headphones?

    Firstly, the noise reduction of earphones is divided into physical noise reduction and ANC noise reduction. The earphones are composed of a chip and the firmware of the housing. The chip is responsible for the ANC noise reduction system, and the firmware (ear muffs) is responsible for physical noise

  • [Blog] What are the benefits of over ear headphones custom?

    The so-called private customization is tailor-made for the ear. Personally customized over-ear headphones custom first came from the needs of entertainers on the stage. Since general over-ear headphones often cannot be plugged into the ear canal, the headphones fall off during performances on the st

  • [Blog] What is the classification uses and design methods of headphones

    With the popularity of smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other devices, more and more people use earphones, and the earphones themselves are better than ever, and more and more people can feel the listening of earphones. The sales of headphones have grown significantly in recent years, and there ar

  • [Blog] What Details Should You Pay Attention to When Buying Headphones

    Tips1: What is your budget for buying headphones?Tips2: Are you looking to buy over-ear headphones or in-ear headphones?Tips3: What is your usual music preference?(like pop music, jazz music, blues, or pure music etc)You need to choose the most suitable earphone according to your music listening

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