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About Ganzhou Xiongding Headset Supplier
Ganzhou Xiongding Electronics Co.,Ltd. is a comprehensive industrial and trade enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales in electronic product industry.

About Us
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    Company Profile

    Ganzhou Xiongding Electronics Co.,Ltd, which specialized in electronic product including gaming headsets, in-ear headphones, usb cables and so on. We are not only have more than 15 years experience but also have 3 factories. With such a big strength, we have cooperated with many famous brands, like ”JBL, ZAGG, MONOPRICE” in US, “PSI” in Korea, “SILVERCREST” in Germany, “HARMANO” in India and so on.

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    Main Products

    Over-head Headphone, Gaming Headset, Neckband Bluetooth Earphones, TWS Earbuds, In-ear Headphone, Headset for Business, Data Cables, Chargers and more.

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    Supporting Production
    ID design, mold design, mold manufacturing, injection molding, acoustic research and development, speaker manufacturing, wire manufacturing, headset manufacturing.

Ganzhou Xiongding Electronics Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive industrial and trade enterprise specializing in headsets, integrating R&D, production, and sales. With advanced R&D technology and a perfect production process, we boast rich experience in foreign trade. Our main overseas market includes Europe, America, Southeast Asia, India, and beyond.

We prioritize product quality and offer customers headsets that are both advantageous and competitive. Our headsets are ISO:9001/CE/Rohs/FCC certified and recognized as a Jiangxi High-tech Enterprise.

One of our significant advantages is our IST (inverted sound technology) speaker, which is patented in the USA and Korea. This unique technology allows us to incorporate it into various headset models, delivering amazing sound quality that rivals international brands. For those seeking uniqueness, we believe this is an excellent opportunity.

As a leading headset supplier, we aspire to establish mutually successful partnerships with companies worldwide in the near future.

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Ganzhou Xiongding Electronics Co.,Ltd. is a comprehensive industrial and trade enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales.

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