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  • Should you use noise-cancelling headphones every day?

    This depends on several factors such as where you live, work, or spend most of your time. If you are a regular traveler who flies every day with noise-cancelling safety headphones, they can be your bread and butter and you can use them for about 8 hours at a time. If you live in a noisy city like Ne

  • What is the operation of noise-canceling headphones?

    Without going into a lot of intricate details or conjuring up images of physics and math equations, let's take a look at how noise-cancelling headphones actually work. Noise-cancelling headphones work by combating one sound with another sound. It can be counterintuitive if you're hearing this for th

  • Hoist your lifestyle by using next level noise cancelling headphones?

    If you want to stay focused and oblivious to the world around you, noise-cancelling headphones are the gift that keeps on giving. Not only can you listen to your favorite playlist, but you can also disconnect from the outside world and get in the zone. In fact, if you haven't already got a pair, a g

  • What should you avoid doing when you clean headphones?

    What should you avoid doing when you clean headphones?There are a few things you should not do when cleaning earphones. For example, do not soak dirty earphones in a container of water and do not pierce them with a sharp object. This will avoid causing unnecessary damage. Also, be gentle when cleani

  • Earphones or earbuds with a microphone

    Earphones or earbuds with a microphoneHands-free calling is ideal when you're in the car or on the bike (same issue with bike again!!). Thanks to headphones with a microphone you'll never miss a call from your friends. A headset with a microphone is also very handy for gamers. This way you can alway

  • Can the headset be used anywhere For home the office or on the road

    For long listening sessions, headphones are the most popular choice. Shut yourself off from the world completely and hear nothing but your favorite songs. Noise-cancelling headphones also provide some well-earned rest, especially when in the office or if you're on a noisy plane. Are you a fanatic ga

  • Headphones or Earbuds?

    Listening to music can be better with headphones or earbuds? We will explain exactly what the advantages of both options are. Do you find it hard to make a choice? No problem, because our decision aid will help you out. You will soon be able to enjoy music the way you want to.

  • All about wireless headphones Wireless headphones give you freedom. You can enjoy your favorite music anytime and anywhere without a cable with high-end sound!

    Do you know how wireless headphones work?Having headphones without wires means you no longer need a plug-in cable. You simply connect to your smartphone, laptop or tablet with a wireless connection via Bluetooth. Thanks to the battery in your headphones, you can listen to music for hours. It is also

  • What kind of headphones are suitable for children

    Bluetooth headsets have been very popular in the past two years. It is really convenient to watch videos and listen to music. In addition, children often need to use headsets because they often take online classes. However, beacuse children’s hearing is more sensitive, there is no volume limit. The

  • 3-in-1 fast charging data cable, it can charge all kinds of electronic devices!

    3-in-1 fast charging data cable, it can charge all kinds of electronic devices!Have you ever encountered a situation where you are always worried about missing a second when watching a live game? However, the unsatisfactory mobile phone always ran out of power at a critical moment. As a result, the

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