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How long can a charging data cable last?

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How long can a charging data cable last?

As a class of daily high-frequency use of digital consumables, charging data cables over time and aging is inevitable, and the use of a long time data cable inevitably appears broken skin and wear and tear.

The China Academy of Information and Communication Research Terrier Terminal Laboratory experiments found that the old charging data line is more likely to short circuit, resulting in an open fire. Exposed metal parts will corrode after a long time of use, which may lead to overheating of the charging device and cause a fire. So, how to determine whether the charging data cable should be replaced?

① Look at the appearance of any damage.

② whether there is poor contact when charging.

③ whether there is overheating at the terminal interface, overheating indicates that there is a problem with insulation.

It should be noted that the bad data line even if repaired according to the online tutorial, the use of the process may also appear unstable current, high and low, poor contact, and other problems. Therefore, if you find that the performance of the data line has declined or is aging, or is broken, do not hesitate to change the new one!

data cable line

How to determine whether to replace the charging data line?

1. Look at the interface: different devices charging interface is different, adaptable data cable interface is also different. For example, the iPhone series standard data cable has C TO L models, A TO L models, etc. Domestic digital devices have standard data A TO C models, C TO C models, etc., and it is recommended that partners according to the needs of optional.

2. Look at the protocol: As the domestic and international digital industry fast charging standards have not been unified, there are inevitably compatibility problems between different brands of terminals and data lines. For example, the fast charging protocol is not compatible, and can not trigger fast charging. The fast charging protocol is compatible, but the charging gear does not match, automatically lowered to a low-power gear charging. So the partners in the purchase of data cables, in addition to the compatibility of the charging interface, also pay attention to see its fast charging protocol and charging gear.

3. Look at the chip: the performance derived from the chip is powerful. A good data cable built-in high intelligence chip can intelligently adapt the device's required current, and safe charging does not hurt the battery while improving the charging speed.

4. Look at the material: a wide variety of data lines on the market, the workmanship and materials vary. In addition, the price gap is not small, from a few dollars to dozens of dollars, or even hundreds of dollars are available. So how to choose? Put aside the brand premium, only from the practicality, and safety considerations, it is recommended that partners consider flame retardant, flexible and environmentally friendly PVC or TPC material.

5. Look at the core: the same material, length of the data line, the thicker the core, the smaller the resistance, the higher the charging efficiency.

6. Look at the brand: If you really do not know how to pick the data line, you can also consider some of the better reputations of the brand. After all, the brand's flagship product selection and workmanship are more stringent quality control, and after-sales service is also more secure. For example Type C Data Cable Amazon.

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