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Ganzhou Xiongding Electronics Co.,Ltd. was established in 2008, owning more than 15years industry experience . With 3 factories in Jiangxi& Guangdong Province, 12,000㎡ workshop&factility, 400 experienced staffs, 30 professional engineers in R&D team, 300 sets of equipment. We look forward to establishing a mutually successful partnership with companies worldwide in near future.

Our Factory

Is located in the economic development zone city, with beautiful environment and abundant resources. Now it has dust-free workshop, 300 sets of equipment.

Bulk headphones supplier of audiophile-grade products

Whether for sports, relaxation, or traveling, headphones are always there. They allow you to experience a full range of emotions without disturbing others. You put on your headphones, turn on your favorite music, and you’re good to go. That’s why people search for stereo headphones online and are willingly upgrading to decent pairs.
If you run an electronics or music store, consider cooperating with a reliable Chinese supplier. Ganzhou Xiongding Electronics has over fifteen years of experience and offers a variety of in-ear and on-ear designs for your headphones store. Plus, you can benefit from our production capacities to stand out from competitors with the inventory they can’t match. With three factories and qualified engineers on board, we develop innovative headphones that can tip the market scales in your favor.
Our headphones are upgraded with inverted sound technology patented in the USA and Korea. It provides uncompromising sound quality, bringing your listening experience to the next level. Whatever type of multimedia you’re about to listen to, our products will make it even better.


Our Advantage

Order headphones wholesale to enhance your customers’ lifestyles

Choosing the right pair of headphones is a time-consuming task. You should consider various factors to get what meets your lifestyle needs. That’s why it’s essential to provide your customers with a plethora of audiophile-grade options to choose from.

Ganzhou Xiongding Electronics is your go-to for bulk headphones and earbuds for kids or adults. Here you can stock up on:
● Over-ear headphones
● Gaming headsets
● Bluetooth headphones
● Cat ear headsets
● Neckband earphones
● Wireless and wired earbuds

Besides headphones, you can shop for chargers to ensure your customers will never run out of battery in the middle of the podcast. Please note that our chargers are designed for different types of outlets, so choose those commonly used in your country.
Want to broaden the line of merchandise in your gym or sports store? You can start selling earphones online or offline. We have many wireless pieces to wow your customers. Whatever design you go for, you can be sure they will stay put while allowing for unrestricted movements. Made from water-resistant materials, they’re meant for outdoor use and various activities. Some of our products are foldable, making it easy to carry them in a bag.
What’s more, our headphones come in different colors so that your customers can find a pair to match their outfits. Let them listen to their favorite tunes, audiobooks, and podcasts in style!

Buy headphones from the manufacturer to save big

Can you provide your customers with an extensive selection of high-quality headphones without shelling out an obscene amount of money? With Ganzhou Xiongding Electronics, you can do that with ease.
We offer well-designed yet cheap headphones in bulk to ensure your customers can find a style that works best for them. You can also take advantage of our fast worldwide shipping and 24/7 customer service to meet your business needs.
If you have any questions or want to get a quote for your order, contact us.
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