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How to charge the Bluetooth headset

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How to charge the Bluetooth headset

Bluetooth headsets are a type of electronic device that people are increasingly using in their daily lives. How do you handle a Bluetooth headset failure in which one of the headsets cannot be charged? This article mostly offers the following remedies for this scenario.

The first step is to wipe the headset or the charging case contacts using an alcohol-soaked cotton swab.

The second step is to charge the Bluetooth headset in its own charging case for more than ten minutes.

The third step is to insert the headset into the charging case, open the box cover, long press the function button for sixteen seconds, and then remove the charging case after the outside light flashes. Place the left and right headsets into the charging case, and check to see if the indicator light inside the charging case is on; if it is, the headset is back to normal and has been successfully charged.

bluethooth headsets

It is worth noting that if the Bluetooth headset has not been used in a long time, it is best to charge it for at least ten minutes before using it.

Bluetooth technology is open all over the world, there is good compatibility all over the world, and the world can be connected to a whole through the low-cost invisible Bluetooth network.

Bluetooth specification is used in the microwave band, the transmission rate is 1M bytes per second, and the longest transmission distance is ten meters, by increasing the transmission power, Bluetooth transmission distance can reach one hundred meters.

The distance between the Bluetooth headset and the cell phone is proportional to the noise generated during voice calls. When using a Bluetooth headset to enjoy music, do not be too far from the phone, otherwise, the music will appear intermittent phenomenon.

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