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What is the difference between a headset with a microphone and one without a microphone?

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What is the difference between a headset with a microphone and one without a microphone?

1. Whether there is a microphone. A headset with a microphone also called a headset, is a combination of headphones and a microphone, while a headset without a microphone does not have a microphone.

2. The range of functions is different. Headset in addition to listening to songs and watching videos and other functions, but also through the microphone for recording and voice calls. The headset without a microphone can only hear the voice, and can not make calls.

3. The sound channel is different. Headsets are mono, while ordinary headphones are often stereo.

headphone with a microphone

A headset is a pair of conversion units that receive electrical signals given by the media player or receiver and converts them into audible audio waves utilizing speakers adjacent to the ear. Headphones are usually detachable from the media player and connect via a connector. The benefit is that you may listen to the audio without disturbing the next person; you can also isolate the sound of your surroundings, which is useful for people who use them in busy places such as recording studios, pubs, travel, sports, and so on. Headphones were originally used on telephones and radios, but with the proliferation of portable electronic devices, they are now largely used on cell phones, walkmans, radios, portable video games, and digital music players.

From the perspective of the development of the entire audio industry, wireless headphones are still considered a new thing, the development time is not long, is still in the rising period, user demand continues to rise, the user's expectations of wireless headphones are also increasing, which is the new test of the industry.

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