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What Are the Differences Between Headphones and Headsets?

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What Are the Differences Between Headphones and Headsets?

There are two key differeneces between headphones and headset:

Headsets Use a Microphone

Headsets have an integrated microphone, which will be effective in a variety of environments. Without a mic, it is impossible for the teachers and students to interact. The microphones usually two different types, boom microphones, and inline microphones.

deferences between Headphones and Headsets

Boom microphones are when the mic is attached to the end of a boom, this will allow for perfect positioning to the user's mouth. Everybody speaks in different timbres and volumes. When you are able to position the microphone to the perfect proximity to your mouth, this will provide the best quality and most accurate sound. In a classroom environment, the advantage of a boom mic is that it will move with the user. If somebody turns their head, the mic will stay in the perfect position to pick up their voice. Boom mics are built to last, however they are easily damaged if not handled correctly. A boom mic can cost more than an inline mic, however, it holds up with prolonged use.

Inline microphones are built into a cable that hangs between the chin and chest. Inline microphones are more durable in this respect because there is nothing for the student to grab or to bend, unlike boom microphones. Therefore, these microphones are cheaper. However, with an inline mic comes lower quality sounds. As the cord of the microphone is between the chin and chest, the microphone doesn't move with the individual. For example, if the user turns their head, the microphone will not, resulting in the voice fading in and out. Whatsmore, inline microphones will pick up background noise, as it is not in closer proximity to the user's voice. It is not able to tell the difference between the user and someone else who is close to the user.


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