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How to choose a USB charger?

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The news often explodes cell phone electrocution, cell phone explosion caused by fire horror, although we have not seen it with our own eyes, still feel strange and scary. Of course, now we all know that many cell phone explosions are related to counterfeit and shoddy USB chargers, the normal use of the phone is relatively safe. As for the third-party cell phone USB charger, if the regular big brand manufacturers produce qualified products the effect and the original USB charger are very close, but the price is relatively cheap.

How can you know if the third-party charger you bought is safe and qualified in the end? After reading the following, I believe the guys will have a rough judgment in mind.


Usually, a good charger is a little heavier, and weighing with the hand will feel very weighty, this is because of a good charger with more electronic components. So when you buy, you can take a few different brands and models of chargers in your hands to feel the difference in their weight easily. If you buy online, you can check the weight of the product directly on the details page, as long as it is not a false number, it can be used as a reference for judgment.


Nowadays, many chargers are USB chargers, and charging cables are separate, so you can just change the charging cable when charging different phones. If you buy a charger of this design, you should pay attention to the USB charger interface to be able to fully engage with the charging cable, the interface is too loose or too tight is not good. The too-loose interface is easy for the phone to receive unstable current, but also may form a strong momentary current, while the too-tight interface is easy to break. In addition, the charging cable and the phone interface can also refer to this standard to determine.


Good USB charger pins are relatively strong and compact, and charging requires a little force to receive the plug board, if plugging is easy, it means that the design of this USB charger is problematic, it is best not to buy. If you buy offline, you can try that, but if you buy online, you can't test it on-site, it is recommended that you can return the product.


The smart chip is an important part of the USB charger, equivalent to the processor of the phone. This chip can control and detect the current, voltage, temperature, etc. when charging. Now the smart chip used in USB chargers has been developed to the third generation, and the function is relatively perfect.

USB charger

Circuit board

If conditions allow, you can also seat chargers can be taken apart to directly view the circuit board production process, zero surrounding quality, and welding process to identify the quality. A good USB charger circuit board will be very uniform, with no large solder, and the transformer, capacitors and transistors, and other components are more and larger.

Heat generation

When charging the phone, the USB charger's internal transformer will generate a certain amount of heat, generally speaking, the heat temperature will not exceed 30 ℃. The better the quality of the transformer, the lower the heat generated when charging, and the safer for the phone. When charging, feel the USB charger with your hand, if it is slightly hot but not hot, then it is normal and acceptable, if it is very hot, then we should pay special attention to safety or abandon it as soon as possible.

3C certification

3C certification is the full name of the compulsory product certification system, the English name of China Compulsory Certification, abbreviated CCC. 3C certification is a basic certification, if passed, will be affixed to the surface of the product (or molded) 3C logo.

Each 3C logo is followed by a random code, each random code has a corresponding manufacturer and product. Certification mark issued by the Management Center in the issuance of the compulsory product certification mark, the code has been entered into the computer database corresponding to the product, and the consumer can check the code through the National Quality Certification Center.

If the above-mentioned standards USB chargers can meet, if not perfectly, at least to determine safe, durable, and good products, daily use is not too much to worry about.


When it comes to Huawei, Xiaomi, Meizu, and OPPO, I believe most people know is a cell phone brand, the market mainstream cell phone is so about ten. Buy a cell phone we will be branded, even if you do not buy iPhone Samsung, at least buy Huawei, Xiaomi Meizu such domestic brand names, few people will buy unknown or unbranded cell phones. But buy USB chargers, including cell phone peripherals, many people do not even have brand awareness, that such small peripherals are more or less the same, if lost just buy one. This is a very serious cognitive error, although the cell phone peripheral is single and small, the unit price is not high, but it is about the life and safety of users. Buying a big brand of USB charger is not only to buy the high quality but also to buy a reliable one, even if there are problems you also have more stable after-sales protection.


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