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How to Avoid Getting Headaches From Headphones?

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How to Avoid Getting Headaches From Headphones?

There are certain drawbacks to headphones. Many customers are switching to earbuds and speakers as a result of their complaints about headaches when wearing headphones.

Do you really need this to happen to you? Will you have to give up crystal-clear audio quality to get a headache-free listening experience?

If you start loosening up the headband and stop listening to music at high volumes, you may prevent headphone headaches immediately. Your head will feel less pressured, and your brain will breathe a sigh of relief.

Nevertheless, there are still some things you can do to avoid getting a literal or metaphorical headache from wearing headphones.

How to Avoid Getting Headaches From Headphones?

If you only remember one thing from this article, it's that you should never wear headphones that are too tight, especially if they feel like two bricks are crushing against the sides of your skull.

Even though they can't crush your skull or injure your brain, tight headphones can lead to a number of other issues in addition to headaches, such as hair loss, skin irritations, and even jaw pain.

You shouldn't experience unbearable pain that persists after taking off the headphones, although some tightness is to be expected, especially with new ones.

In any case, you won't need to replace them just yet since I have a few tricks up my sleeve that might be able to untighten those tight headbands and earcups.

1.Increase the padding

Occasionally, the headband's underneath cushioning or the earcups may be too thin for your head. The ear cups and headband may dig into your flesh and press firmly, resulting in significant pressure on the top and sides of your head.

Therefore, you can try changing the cushions or adding more padding to the headband or ear pads if you've tried the aforementioned approach of stretching the headphones out but still feel like the earcups and headband are too tight.

You can purchase headband replacement parts that have been altered to include more padding, or you can install a headband cover. In any case, confirm that the parts you purchase are appropriate for the headphones you intend to use.

The same is true for the ear cups, so be sure to get additional cushions or replacement pads that match the ear cups on each of your headphones. Lining the new components with leather or velour will greatly enhance their quality.

in Ear Earbuds with Mic

2.Invest in thinner-framed glasses

You may discover that wearing headphones and glasses is completely incompatible if you wear glasses while working, playing games, or watching material.

Some people find that wearing spectacles with an unpleasant frame makes them even more uncomfortable when headphones are involved. Both the ear cups and the frame have the potential to irritate or leave an impression on your skin.

Therefore, if you're not into contact lenses but still want to enjoy high-end audiophile headphones, you might try switching to a slimmer frame for your spectacles.

3.Wipe off your earbuds and headphones

Wearing headphones while working out or using a computer can cause your ears to become hot and muggy, which can serve as a haven for bacteria and fungus. Earwax can also accumulate or snag on the speaker grille due to reduced airflow from a clogged ear canal.

As a result, it's wise to routinely clean your headphones or earbuds. Using some alcohol wipes, quickly "cleanse" your headphones by wiping the inside of each ear cup and the headband's bottom. Avoid attempting to use soap or water, as this could allow liquid damage to seep into the drivers.

If you have earbuds, remove the tips, clean them with alcohol wipes, and use an old toothbrush to remove any debris that may have become lodged in the grilles.

4.Switch to earbuds

For casual listeners, earbuds are the best alternative because they are more practical than headphones and offer several benefits. Therefore, I advise going with earbuds if you've tried a few different headphones and none of them have relieved your headaches.

Please note that we are simply rearranging our priorities to include comfort and safety rather than downgrading. Furthermore, the majority of expensive earbuds still have excellent sound quality. They also include very good background noise cancellation and isolation, as well as a potentially all-day battery life. (As long as you allow the earbuds to recharge in between and take regular pauses.)

5.Change the ear tips

Even though this is advice particular to earbud users, it's still a good one because most of us use earbuds without even realizing the various materials and tip sizes.

Most people who use earbuds put up with big or undersized ear tips without ever considering switching them out. I honestly never gave much thought to changing the ear tips on my first pair of TWS earbuds or even switching to memory foam tips. (By the way, they are far superior to the default ear tips.)

Therefore, if you use earbuds frequently, I strongly advise switching out the ear tip on one of them and observing the variations. Better noise isolation may result in an even better fit, even if you are already comfortable. (Excellent for working in a cacophonous setting.)

Sports Bluetooth over Ear Headphones

6.Change to over-ear headphones

Your head may not be designed to fit over-ear headphones. You might try purchasing a new set of over-ear (circumaural) headphones if that's the case.

While these headphones are more comfy and don't press against your ears like on-ear models, they may be a little heavy and awkward to take around. Additionally, because the oval-shaped ear cups cover your entire ears and form a tight, rigid seal, they provide superior noise isolation.

What to Consider When Choosing Comfortable Headphones?

It's time to go shopping for a new pair of comfy headphones if you've tried everything to make your old headphones function and yet you continue to experience pain and headaches when wearing them.

These are a few aspects to consider while choosing headphones, particularly in terms of headache reduction.


If you aren’t keen on audiophile headphones with big drivers and even bigger earpads, a lightweight pair of Bluetooth headphones might be for you. But weight alone won't necessarily determine total comfort; it can only offer you a ballpark estimate. The headphones you are looking for may be heavier and more difficult to use if their weight exceeds 0.75 pounds.

2.Clamping force

Higher clamping force Headphones will hold your head in place longer and, if they do so too tightly, may even give you headaches. Most headphone spec sheets do not explicitly state that tech reviewers provide the clamping force. A clamping force of 0.7 lbs. 1 lb. fits comfortably on an average individual with an average head size.

In Summary

If all you're getting is headache after headache, it's hardly worth unwinding to excellent noise-cancelling music or wearing tight headphones, which may be a real pain in the "head."

You will therefore be able to appreciate music and, for once, relax, so make sure your headphones are not too tight and your music is not too loud.

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