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What is a TWS headset?

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What is a TWS headset?

Since the mainstream flagship phones have been eliminating headphone holes, TWS headphones have become the headphone category of consumer attention at the moment. So what exactly is a TWS headset? And what are its features? And how it is to achieve active noise cancellation?

TWS's full name is True Wireless Stereo, meaning true wireless stereo, TWS technology is based on the development of Bluetooth chip technology. TWS technology is based on the development of Bluetooth chip technology. It works by connecting the main headset to the phone, and then the main headset quickly connects to the secondary headset wirelessly to achieve true Bluetooth left and right channel wireless separation.

What are the main features of TWS?

TWS headphones

TWS headset's main features are as follows.

(1) truly wireless: abandon the headset wire tangle trouble

First of all, the WS Bluetooth headset does not require a wired connection, free from the traditional headphones wired. Secondly, the left and right 2 headphones through Bluetooth to form a stereo system, listening, talking, and wearing have been enhanced. In addition, if you add professional acoustic pickup technology, intelligent noise reduction technology & AI algorithm noise reduction technology, etc., you can achieve the perfect sound experience. This makes ear-worn voice, video calls, music enjoyment, mountain climbing and running, safe driving, etc. not bound.

(2) Binaural stereo sound: enhance the sound quality effect and improve call quality

From the perspective of the product, the audio and video experience on TWS headphones is the focus of most user attention, so the noise reduction function is an essential technology for TWS.

(3) Multiple perceptions: enhancing user experience and creating intelligent voice

TWS headset in the 2018 crazy development era has experienced semi-intelligent headsetization on this road. Many of the original Bluetooth chips have been upgraded to version 5.0, embedded serial flash memory, which can be more flexible for customer software upgrades and support third-party software porting. With the original ecology or content provided (audio content, headlines, health information, financial news, sports information, etc.) party to open its port there is still much room for improvement in the content.

(4) Compact size: comfortable to wear, easy to use, easy to carry.

TWS headphones how to achieve active noise cancellation?

The current TWS headset market has three main types of active noise cancellation technology, ANC (Active Noise Control, active noise reduction); ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation, environmental noise reduction technology); and AI call noise reduction technology.

Among them, ANC noise cancellation works by collecting external environmental noise through the microphone. Then the system transforms an inverted sound wave according to the collected noise and adds it to the speaker so that the final sound heard by the human ear is ambient noise + inverted ambient noise. These two types of noise are superimposed to achieve sensory noise reduction. It can be divided into feedforward active noise cancellation and feedback active noise cancellation, as well as hybrid active noise cancellation. However, feedback active noise cancellation tends to cause whistling.

The ENC technology can effectively suppress 90% of the reverse environmental noise, thus reducing the environmental noise by up to 35dB or more.


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