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The internal structure of the TWS Bluetooth headset charging box

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The internal structure of the TWS Bluetooth headset charging box

The TWS Bluetooth wireless headset comes with a charging box that not only stores the headset but also includes the prominent function of headset charging. The TWS headset charging compartment is comparable to a tiny mobile power source via USB-C and other data interfaces for the headset via power. This document primarily describes the internal structure of the TWS charging compartment. The specific information is listed below.

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To begin, the headset charging compartment is situated on the internal side of the motherboard, at both ends of the Type-C and USB-A charging interfaces. IP5333, a multifunctional power control SOC chip, is mounted on the motherboard. IP5333 is a multifunctional power management SOC chip that integrates a boost converter, lithium battery charging management, battery level indication, and Type-C protocol to provide a complete solution for the TWS charging compartment. The IP5333's high level of integration and rich features allow it to be applied with very few peripheral devices and effectively reduce the overall solution size and BOM cost.

In addition, the IP5333 requires only one inductor for charging and boosting functions. The IP5333's synchronous boost system provides a rated 1A output current with a conversion efficiency of 92%. The IP5333 uses switching charging technology to provide a rated 1A charging current with a 91% charging efficiency. Built-in IC temperature protection and input voltage-based intelligent regulation of charging current. IP5333 has a built-in 12-bit ADC for accurate measurement of battery voltage and current. It supports a 1/2/3/4 LED power display.

Finally, IP5333 integrates a USB-C input and output identification interface that automatically switches built-in pull-up and pull-down resistors and automatically identifies the charging and discharging attributes of the inserted device. With Try. SRC functions, when connected as a DRP device, can give priority to each other for charging. When working as a DFP, it uses the CC pin to configure the external output's default current capability information. When working as a UFP, it can identify the output current capability of the other party.


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