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The Difference Between High and Low Impedance

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The Difference Between High and Low Impedance

Inside the headphones are voice coils, which are made of coiled copper wires. The greater the impedance, the thinner the wire, and vice versa.

Thinner wires make electricity movement more difficult, hence the high impedance. Thicker wires, on the other hand, enable more current to flow. As a result, consumer-grade headphones have thicker cables, whereas professional-grade headphones have thinner wires. Thinner cables are used in high-end headphones because they enable significantly less moving mass in the headphones, resulting in considerably better accuracy. Thicker wires are used in low-cost headphones because they do not necessitate precision manufacturing and delicate assembly. They are less expensive to produce and do not snap or bend as readily.

To repeat, simple consumer-grade headphones usually have an impedance rating of 16-32 ohms.

Professional-grade headphones with resistance ratings of more than 250 ohms, on the other hand, are common. These headphones require a powerful audio amp to function.

in ear headphones

Low Impedance Headphones

Low-impedance headphones can be used with low-powered devices like cell phones and laptops.

Low-impedance headphones may function with high-powered amps and other studio audio gear, but there is a catch. You risk overloading the headphones if you use low-impedance headphones with a high-powered speaker.

Turn the volume way down if you're planning to use low-impedance headphones with a high-power output device. Otherwise, the volume may exceed the pain threshold and irreversibly damage your hearing.

Low-impedance headphones are ideal for on-the-go audio listening. It is completely compatible with the power produced by phones, laptops, tablets, and other small devices.

Headphones with a Strong Impedance

High-impedance headphones are mainly used in the studio.

If you plugged high-impedance (250 ohms) headphones into your phone or PC, you'd get a flat, thin sound. Why? Because the power produced by your computer is insufficient to overcome the high resistance.

It does not imply that the headphones are defective; rather, it indicates that the output device lacks sufficient strength.

Using high-impedance headphones as designed yields the best results.

We must recognize that some low-impedance headphones produce better sound than their high-impedance peers. This is because impedance is more concerned with the movement of electricity than with sound clarity. We offer various kinds of headphones, such as gaming headphones, in ear headphones and so on. Feel free to contact us if you need them.


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