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The difference between game headphones and music headphones in sound

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The difference between game headphones and music headphones in sound

It is imperative for gamers, especially in gun battle types of FPS games, to listen to the sound to identify the location of the enemy, the number of people, etc., to determine the appropriate attack and defense strategy. Currently, headsets need to distinguish between the game environment in a variety of sound effects, and voice calls in the game also require high sound quality.

So many manufacturers are pushing 5.1 and 7.1 channels such multi-channel technology, not only because the mainstream game now the sound effect more realistic. Due to multi-channel and music headphones, the sense of presence in the game is greater than dual-channel. Additionally, it solves the problem of sound positioning, so players can play more effectively.

A 5.1-channel system uses five speakers and one woofer to output sound in five directions: left, center, right, left rear, and right rear. 7.1 channels make it even richer. There are two types of 7.1 channels: virtual 7.1 channels and actual 7.1 channels. Compared to physical 7.1, virtual 7.1 is much more accurate in terms of directional positioning. However, the physical 7.1 channel provides a more realistic spatial sense.

Most of the mainstream headphones on the market use virtual 7.1 channels. Considering the relatively low costs of production and debugging, the corresponding purchase price is also considerably lower than that of physical channel headphones. And now the sound channel simulation technology is very mature, to meet the needs of players.

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Music headphones only simulate left and right channels, not multi-channel audio. The music headphones must be able to display the layers of music, vocals, instruments, and the sense of the scene. While gaming headphones are not required to reflect all the high quality of the high school and low frequency, they often need to suppress the low frequency to allow players to hear more high-frequency signals and be more aware of their surroundings. With too much low-frequency signal, the player receives too much information and will not hear the activities of other players.

Gaming headsets in addition to multi-channel technology, also increase the immersion of players. To get more exciting and shocking effects, gaming headsets are commonly enhanced for sound effects. While the quality of sound and high restoration is the most critical factor for a music headset, it is equally critical to pay attention to the size of sound adjustments, high and low-frequency articulation, and the resolution of the sound. When paying more attention to the details of the sound, the tiny sound can also be discerned.

To perform certain features, game headphones must sacrifice part of the sound quality, so the headphones are not suitable for listening to music, especially high-frequency music. Players use gaming headsets mainly to experience the live sense of the game. Therefore, the game headset will generally be designed to be highly rendered sense, emphasizing the stereophonic and immersion. If, however, it is not a professional competitive game, or if you simply need headphones to listen to the sound of FPS-type games, or if you need to ensure accurate positioning, a general headphone has been able to make up for it.

In general, music headphones and gaming headphones' two positionings are different, the service object is also different. The special rendering ability of the game headset is stronger, with accurate directional positioning, and can provide a greater sense of presence and immersion. But the high frequency is very poor, and listening to music will have a sense of chaos. Music headphones have a strong sound restoration ability, balanced high school and low-frequency performance, and can bring a pure sound experience.


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