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How to store your headphones

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How to store your headphones

When not in use, keep them in a bag or case.

This will shield them from scuffs, impacts, and debris. Use the case you received when you purchased them, or get one later. Just make sure the case you select is the right size for your set of headphones.

Avoid using or storing your headphones in extremely hot or cold conditions.

It's not a good idea to store headphones in saunas or vehicle trunks, especially if they include batteries. Even if they are water-resistant, avoid keeping them in a humid environment or when they are wet for extended periods of time. Keep a silica gel pack in the bag for further security (but be sure to keep gel packs away from children and dogs).

If your headphones are powered, don’t leave the charge port or battery compartment open when storing them.

Even if your headphones won’t get wet, leaving the port open can let in dirt and dust. If your headphones don’t have a door, and they have just a Micro-USB or USB-C port for charging, regularly dust out the port as described above. If you’ve been working out or walking in the rain, check for water inside the port before plugging in.

Avoid bunching, kinking, or wrapping the cord of your device while it is still plugged in when using wired earbuds or headphones.

If you wrap your headphones cable properly as opposed to forming a rat's nest out of it, it will survive much longer.

While plugged in, wrapping your headphones around your phone will cause the cable's connector end to bend sharply and finally cause it to come apart from the housing. The cable should be wrapped properly by forming a gentle loop around your fingers, following the wire's natural curvature. Use a twist tie from a loaf of bread or a little Velcro cable tie to keep things from tangling.

Hold the socket or cable end, never the cable itself, to disconnect your headphones or charging case.

Never tug the cord to unhook or remove headphones from your device since over time, this might weaken the connection. Additionally, never remove sealed wired earbuds from your ears by tugging on the cable; the resulting vacuum might harm your ears. Instead, hold the earbud and pull outward while gently twisting.

These recommendations will help you keep your headphones clean and in good condition so they last much longer. Enjoy your listening!

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