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How to solve the problem of plugging in the computer headphones or external playback?

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This article introduces three main methods, mainly as follows.

1. Insert the wrong position

If the user is using a desktop assembly computer or all-in-one computer, when inserting headphones or external sound, the first thing to do is to check the "sound card jack". Although the sound card has many jacks, generally pink represents the microphone, and the light green represents the speakers or headphones. If the wrong plug is, even if the headphones are inserted, the computer's sound is still external. Encounter this situation, you can unplug the headset, and re-insert the light green jack can be.

2. Headphones are not compatible

Although most cell phones and computers are a 3.5 headphone jack, the style of the headset plug is different. Some are three sections (for computers, and some are four sections (for cell phones).

Cell phone headphones generally have four segments, with an extra segment for the microphone. If you use the headset for cell phones plugged into the computer, it will lead to the user can not use the headset normally, playing the sound is still the default external sound. In this case, you can only replace the computer-specific three-section headset.

computor headphones

3. The output setting error

In addition to the two cases mentioned above, there is another situation in which the audio output device settings error caused by the Windows 10 system occurs. For example, if the user inserted an additional audio playback device (headphones belong to an audio playback device), you must manually set the headphones as an audio output device to be able to. In this situation, you can expand the sound output device selection by clicking the "Sound" icon in the bottom right corner of the computer. Choose the option with the word "headphones" in it. The sound from the headphones can be heard after the switch is completed.


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