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How to charge TWS Bluetooth headset

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After getting the TWS Bluetooth headset, some users will have questions about how to charge the Bluetooth headset without a cable. Bluetooth headset can use the phone charger? These Bluetooth headset charging problems in use may be encountered, today the green beans share some TWS Bluetooth headset charging tips.

The general TWS Bluetooth headset is divided into two parts: the headset itself and the headset box (charging compartment).

tws charging buds

1. TWS Bluetooth headset charging method

The headset itself is no charging interface, only through the charging bin to charge. Put the headset into the charging compartment, with the help of the two metal contacts connected. The charging bin can automatically charge the headset, generally within 2 hours can be full.

Green Union TWS Bluetooth headset, for example, has a battery capacity of the headset is 60mAh, the headset will not be charged back into the box, and the actual test of 1.5 hours can be full.

2. The charging bin charging method

The charging compartment is like a charging treasure for the headset, with its charging interface. Generally designed in the back of the charging compartment, the interface has a micro USB and Type-c points. Apple AirPods use the Lightning interface, charging when you choose the corresponding data line can. As for the charging head, use the charging head of the phone tablet can be.

Take the Greenlink TWS Bluetooth headset as an example, the charging compartment uses a lithium-ion battery, with a capacity size of 300mAh, and a full charge can be charged 3 times for the headset. Greenlink TWS itself with Type-c charging port, support power for

Input: 5V/500ma

Output: 5V/80ma (to charge the headset)

You can use the regular type-c cable to charge it, the charging indicator has a flashing reminder.

Here to add: some TWS Bluetooth headphone's compartment support wireless charging function, such as Apple AirPods / Pro, it is compatible with Qi wireless charging protocol, so you can use the Greenlink protocol two-in-one wireless charger for its charging, wireless charging power and length of charge with the basic wired.

3. TWS Bluetooth headset charging common FAQ

Q1: Can the charger of the cell phone and tablet charge the TWS Bluetooth headset?

A: Yes, you can. Note that the data cable interface can be corresponding, such as the Green Union TWS charging bin for c-port, you need to use a Type-c data cable.

Q2: Using the high-powered charger for cell phones and tablets, will damage the headset.

A: No. Charging bin internal current limit agreement, charging with high-power chargers, the current will be limited to 500ma. So even if the 100W power charger, charging the headset is only about 2W, there is no impact on the headset.

Q3: After a full charge has been continued to charge any impact?

A: No. The charging compartment is used in lithium-ion batteries, with anti-overcharge protection, full will automatically turn off the charge, as shown by the light no longer flashing, so do not unplug the charger also has no impact.


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