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Common headphones problems and solutions

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Common headphones problems and solutions

The majority of high-end smartphones no longer have a headphone port, so Bluetooth headphones and earphones—especially the TWS earbuds—have taken over as the go-to devices for making and receiving calls and listening to music.
Using Bluetooth earphones means no wires, no scary tangled cables and best of all no accidents that often damage the smartphone.

However, Bluetooth earbuds and headphones have their own problems, which may occasionally be very unpleasant. Here are a few typical issues with wireless earbuds and solutions for them.

Headphones not pairing

The earphones not appearing in the Bluetooth list are the first and most prevalent issue customers run across. There may be a number of causes for this.

Check how to put the earphones into pairing mode.

How to properly pair wireless earbuds is the most frequent issue consumers run into. Consult the handbook and adhere to the guidelines.

Verify if the earbuds are charged.

Occasionally, it might be challenging to determine whether the headphones are charged or not. Keep them charged for a while before turning them on and pairing them, just to be cautious.

Disconnect the earphones from other smartphones or devices.

Make sure you detach your earbuds from the previous device if you already linked them to it before attempting to connect them to the new device. They enter pairing mode automatically when you disconnect themyou already linked them to it before attempting to connect them to the new device. They enter pairing mode automatically when you disconnect them. Be aware that not all contemporary wireless earbuds offer multi-device pairing.

Earbuds not charging

This is yet another issue that frequently affects wireless earphones, particularly TWS earbuds. The dust and contact points on the earphones may be the most frequent causes of this. Forgetting to turn on the switch might be the most frequent issue with this. However, let's look at some more important ones as well.

Clean the earbuds and the charging port on the case.

The contact points on the earphones and the charging case should both be cleaned first. Additionally, be careful to clean the TWS earbuds' USB charging port. Make sure the charging port is clean if you are using earbuds with a standard neckband.

Check the cable, adapter and power socket.

The cable or adapter you're using can be defective. Use the cord with any other gadget and check to see whether it's charging to verify this. If not, try switching to a different household power outlet.

Sound coming from only one earbud.

Although TWS earbuds are the simplest method to listen to music and accept calls, they are well known for this severe flaw, and the fix may require you to purchase a new set of earphones.

Disconnect and reconnect.

As we've said before, a straightforward restart can address many issues. Similarly, take out your earphones, put them back in their case, and allow the device to charge for a while. Pair them appropriately, and inspect them once they are outside.

If the above solutions didn’t work, then there can be some issue with the battery of the TWS earbuds. We would recommend you to take them to the service centre and get them checked once.

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