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Why use a gaming headset?

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Why use a gaming headset?

Gaming headsets For game users, a gaming headset with excellent performance can allow players to experience an immersive feeling in the game. For players of competitive games, a gaming headset with excellent performance should also be able to assist the game. Players, improve combat power.


Gaming Headset Overview

In the use of headphones, we found that the use in games will be a large part of the demand, especially when music and games are in use, a pure headset can be used to obtain better listening effects. Too many features will cause in-game distraction and APM drop, which is not a wise choice.


Compared with music headsets, the difference between gaming headsets is mainly in the direction of creation. Gaming headsets pay more attention to the sound field and sense of positioning (for example, shooting and gunfighting games require positioning), and at the same time increase the amount and intensity of low frequencies, thereby satisfying users. sound experience. Music earphones, in essence, pay more attention to sound quality, the effect is super good in the appropriate sound range, the sound quality is pure, and the sound is penetrating.

It is recommended to choose an over-ear type of gaming headset, which can effectively prevent external interference.


Gaming headset advantages

Among the many headsets, gaming headsets have a sensitivity advantage. The relatively closed listening environment is also more conducive for gamers to feel the details of the sound and improve their judgment on the sound. Therefore, compared with traditional headsets, gaming headsets have the advantage of positioning ability, can better express the sense of direction of sound, and are more suitable for expressing sound clearly in 3D games. Moreover, game headsets that serve players generally will also strengthen the low-frequency sense of volume, thereby promoting the game plot and making it easier for players to devote themselves to the game.

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