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Why do wired gaming headsets work best for gaming?

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Invented in 1937, the "earphone" product has been around for more than 80 years. From the beginning of the use of cinema technology in the production of personal audio products, headphones have been derived into different forms, serving different fields, and the development of headphone products is obvious to all. Technology is constantly evolving, and we are hearing better as a result. However, some questions have not been answered due to the update of technology. For example, many friends will ask, why are the game headsets currently used basically wired?


To answer this question, we have to start with the game itself. Although mobile games are developing vigorously now, console games still occupy a lot of advantages in terms of maturity and playability. Console games not only have richer content, more realistic graphics, but also better sound effects. Many 3A masterpieces can support 5.1 sound output, in order to further enhance the immersion of the game.


When bluetooth headsets are still a headache to reduce the delay of sound transmission, wired headsets rely on lower transmission delay and better sound processing methods (now many game headsets use USB interfaces to connect to the host and directly transmit audio data) Not only can you hear the sound effects in synchronization with the screen, but also output multi-channel effects with stronger stereoscopic effect. This alone forms a huge gap. I believe that no game enthusiast can resist the sound immersion brought by gaming headsets.


At the same time, in the Windows 10 system, we can also easily enable 7.1 virtual surround sound in the "Spatial Sound" page card of "Speaker Properties" to further reduce the threshold for using multi-channel. The multi-channel effect can be easily turned on in the system options, which means that while the cost of developing virtual multi-channel headsets for manufacturers is reduced, it also greatly increases the inevitability of wired gaming headsets supporting virtual surround sound.



Therefore, game headsets generally use wired connections, which does not mean that they are clumsy, but that this transmission method still has obvious advantages at this stage. Adhering to this advantage, peripheral manufacturers have developed a better user experience on this basis.


Combined with the product form and characteristics, the wired connection design of gaming headsets will still be the mainstream in the future. The structural advantages, the achievable functions, and the design of the supporting hardware enable the gaming headset to bring an excellent sound experience. On this basis, if more and more manufacturers continue to explore its possibilities and reduce the cost, it will not be a boon for game lovers.

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