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Which is better, the neckband bluetooth earphone or the wireless Bluetooth headset?

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This article mainly analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of the two types of headphones, to help customers better choose the right headphones for themselves.

Neckband Bluetooth Earphone


1. Hanging neck type Bluetooth headset battery life is longer

2. At the same price, the sound quality of the neck-type Bluetooth headset will be better than the wireless style

3. The signal of the neck-type Bluetooth headset is a little more stable because there are cables connecting the two sides of the headset. At the same time, it will not be so easy to lose.


1. Hanging the neck Bluetooth headset still with the cable, the cable in the process of movement will be flung in the back of the neck, there is a certain discomfort.

2. Its portability is not as good as wireless headphones.

neck headphone

Wireless Bluetooth headset


1. Easy to carry, simple storage

2. More comfortable to wear

3. More suitable for sports use


1. Battery life is shorter

2. Relative to the neck-type Bluetooth headset, it is more likely to be lost

In conclusion, if you consider the use of two kinds of headphones, the neck type that will apply to the occasion will be a little less, suitable for daily wear. If you want to take into account the use of multiple scenarios, it is recommended to choose a true wireless Bluetooth headset.

The absence of a mention of bad sound quality in the preceding list of true wireless headphones disadvantages is because, with the advancement of technology, sound quality is no longer a negative. If it's a high-end style, the sound quality can be comparable to that of high-end wired headphones. The pairing stability is also improving; nonetheless, for a better experience, it is recommended to select a high-end true wireless headset.

In terms of sound quality, the high-end or even high-end Bluetooth headset will join the more high-end tuning of each brand, and all will come with a superior active noise cancellation capability. As a result, after effectively isolating the noise in the environment, you can wear headphones in a more tranquil music atmosphere. Our firm provides a large choice of high-quality Bluetooth headphones; if you need to buy new Bluetooth headphones, please contact us to learn more about our products.


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