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What should you avoid doing when you clean headphones?

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What should you avoid doing when you clean headphones?

There are a few things you should not do when cleaning earphones. For example, do not soak dirty earphones in a container of water and do not pierce them with a sharp object. This will avoid causing unnecessary damage. Also, be gentle when cleaning in-ear earphones, as their sophisticated technology is quite fragile.

Tips for cleaning earbuds and headphones

Okay, now we knoe what not to do, so how do you clean those dirty earphones and headphones to remove earwax and other dirt?

cleaning earbuds

Tip 1: Use a cotton bud or old toothbrush

Get to work with a cotton bud or an old toothbrush. This ensures that no nook or cranny is missed, and even the smallest particles of debris are easily brushed away.

Tip 2: Check for removable parts

Some parts of your earbuds or headphones are easy to detach. Check how this works on yours, then clean these parts separately.

Tip 3: Don't forget to clean the cable on your earphones

Don't skip the cable. You touch it a lot, and it can harbour quite a lot of bacteria. Gently clean the cable of your earbuds or headphones with a damp cloth.

Tip 4: Clean your charging case

Keeping clean earphones in a dirty charging case is obviously a mistake. So clean it too. Just use lukewarm water and a drop of washing-up liquid.

Tip 5: Clean your phone socket too

Cleaning the headphone jack and socket is also important. Dirt easily accumulates here, making the headphones or earphones less effective. Gently use a toothbrush to remove dust from the jack.

Tip 6: Let everything dry

Once you've removed any earwax and cleaned your earbuds, let them dry thoroughly. This will prevent moisture from entering your phone.

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