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What should I pay attention to when choosing over head headphones?

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Compared with in-ear and ear-hook headphones, the purchase of over head headphones is relatively difficult, because there are many external factors that will affect the actual sense of hearing. For audiophiles, the criteria for choosing over head headphones

are three words: light, luxurious, comfortable!

Light means that the weight of the headset should not be too heavy, it should be convenient to carry and wear it for a long time without feeling pressure.

Luxury is to try to choose headphones with enough force within the budget.

Comfort means that the comfort of wearing headphones is very important.

Considerations when buying headphones

1. Wireless Transmission Specifications

SBC is the earliest audio coding format, with low bit rate and high compression rate, and poor sound quality.

ACC is an encoding algorithm with a high compression ratio, and it has a better sense of hearing than SBC.

APTX is CSR's patented encoding algorithm with lower latency and transmission bit rate.

LDAC is a new wireless audio coding technology launched by Sony, and currently has the best sound quality among Bluetooth coding.

2. Wearing comfort

Comfort is a point that all friends value very much, especially headphones. The skin-friendly and softness of the ear pad and head pad material must be considered. Models without a sense of oppression can allow us to wear headphones for a long time without feeling burdened. If the model fits well with our head shape, the headphones can completely fit our ears, and can also reduce the problem of sound leakage. Fuller mid and low frequency effects.

Secondly, the weight cannot be ignored. Choose products that can take into account both performance and light weight, and find the most suitable wearing feeling for you.

3. Noise reduction capability

Passive noise cancellation is actually plugging your ears with something that physically isolates them.

Active noise reduction, also known as noise-cancelling headphones, is to monitor external noise through a microphone, and then cancel the detected noise by emitting sound to achieve the purpose of noise reduction.

Active noise reduction can only exert its maximum effect under the appropriate noise type. But if it is in a quiet environment, turning on active noise reduction is equivalent to deteriorating the sound quality of the headphones. So if your usage environment tends to be stable and quiet, you can spend less unnecessary money on noise reduction, and there is no need to spend money on a feature that is not used.

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