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What is the classification uses and design methods of headphones

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With the popularity of smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other devices, more and more people use earphones, and the earphones themselves are better than ever, and more and more people can feel the listening of earphones. The sales of headphones have grown significantly in recent years, and there are more and more products. More options are certainly good, but where do you start with a dazzling array of products? We categorize the commercially available earphones below. In 15 minutes, you can grasp the appearance of most earphones and find the right one.

wired headphones

On Ear/Over Ear

Most people recognize two types of earphones: earmuffs and ear canals. In fact, earphones are classified in more detail abroad. Earmuff types include On Ear and Over-Ear. The "On-Ear" design refers to an ear pad that does not cover the entire auricle but is attached to the ear. It is suitable for going out. Because the auricle is not covered, the mid-low frequency will have a limited thickness and density due to external noise.

The Over-Ear design covers the entire ear. It has the advantage of using a relatively large diaphragm, resulting in better noise isolation, and because the auricle is completely covered, it is easier to create strong mid-low frequencies. There are several disadvantages: it is heavier, requires a greater thrust, maybe hot, etc. While Over Ear may provide better sound quality than On-Ear, its mobility and comfort are mostly inferior to On-Ear, depending on consumption.


Earplugs are earphones that plug into the ear hole but do not extend into the ear canal. Wearing it is easy and does not feel intrusive. It is easy to loosen, does not isolate environmental noise well, and because the wearing is not tight enough, the lower mid-low frequency performance is not ideal. Poor design will likely result in sharp and bright high frequencies. Earbuds are not a good choice if you want to experience headphones for ultimate sound quality.

Ear canal type refers to how the earphone's front end protrudes into the ear canal. The headset transmits sound information, and its performance is not affected by external factors. Because it is directly inserted into the ear canal, the sound energy does not leak out, and it can also produce strong mid-low frequencies. These advantages make ear canal products a key item in headphones that offer high sound quality. The disadvantage of this type is that it is more intrusive to the ear and sometimes inconvenient to wear because it is related to the tightness of the canal. Adapting to the best condition will help.

These types are not uniform and there are many confusions, but it doesn't matter, it's just a difference in terms, the point is to recognize their advantages and disadvantages, and understand their properties.


To cope with outdoor use, many manufacturers have launched wireless earphones compatible with mobile devices. The earphones directly contain batteries and amplifiers. Bluetooth or other wireless technologies are used to connect the earphones to the charger and transmit data. As a result, you don't have to connect the signal line when you go out. Due to its charging requirement, a diaphragm of too large size is usually not used, which may limit the effect of mid-low frequencies. Many wireless earphones now allow wired listening, and an amplifier with better thrust can be used indoors when used wirelessly.

Compared with wireless, wired products can perform in a wider range, such as using larger-sized diaphragms, or other special single-body designs to provide better sound effects. Of course, convenience and mobility don't compare to wireless headphones.

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