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What is noise reduction of headphones?

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Firstly, the noise reduction of earphones is divided into physical noise reduction and ANC noise reduction. The earphones are composed of a chip and the firmware of the housing. The chip is responsible for the ANC noise reduction system, and the firmware (ear muffs) is responsible for physical noise reduction and physical sound insulation.

Physical noise reduction principle: the ear muff of the headset contacting the ear is made of cotton and has a certain sound insulation effect; In ear earphones rely on the shell material and the earplug at the mouth of the earphone to form a blocked and closed space, which is also a physical noise reduction.

Advantages of physical noise reduction: physical noise reduction has a good effect on active noise. At the same time, physical noise reduction will not have any impact on the performance and power consumption of headphones.

ANC noise reduction principle: every earphone with active noise reduction has this function. The micro microphone on the earphone can monitor the environmental noise and transmit it to the noise reduction chip. The chip generates reverse sound waves for cancellation.

noise reduction of headphones

Noise is divided into instantaneous noise and active continuous noise. For example, the continuous noise of a machine is continuous; However, when a car crosses the road, it only honks once, which is short-term.

Basically, short-term noise is encountered in life. The noise needs medium to be transmitted to the ear. The micro microphone collects and recognizes the action route of the noise, and the chip will send out an opposite route to cancel and achieve silence.

The inherent defect of ANC noise reduction: when the earphone starts noise reduction, it will have certain irreversible impact on the sound quality. As for why, it is not clear. There are reasons such as power consumption and algorithm. Physical noise reduction can protect the distortion of sound quality.

At the same time, the noise reduction earphones have pressure sound waves, a little bit of body discomfort, like the feeling of pressure when you enter the tunnel on the high-speed railway, and the feeling of sudden discomfort when the plane rises. Some people may have anxiety and dizziness, and this reaction will become more obvious with the wearing time.

The earphones now have dynamic noise reduction, which can reduce the noise reduction intensity and reduce the ear pressure when it is unnecessary. Although there is still an impact, it is a normal phenomenon. The current earphones only focus on noise reduction intensity, ignoring the ear pressure problem. It's ridiculous to think about it. They are better than anyone who can eliminate noise.

Suggestions for noise reduction headset selection:

It is best to choose earphones with pressure relief holes.

Graded noise reduction and adjustable intensity.

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