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What is a gaming headset?

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What is a gaming headset?

Gaming headsets are earphones specially designed for gaming platforms such as computers/tvs/mobile phones. In terms of design orientation, they are quite different from traditional music earphones and communication earphones.


1. Sound:

Traditional music headphones pay attention to three-frequency balance, restore the real sound, and do not add special sound effects on the headphone end. In order to make gunshots, explosions, etc. More appealing, game headsets will particularly highlight the mid-low frequency, and will also add various sound effects, such as virtual 7.1. In fps games, the effect of listening to the position is particularly needed.


2. The structure of the headset

At present, the popular music headphones are all foldable designs to ensure the convenience of carrying.

Game headsets usually do not need to be carried out, their size is much larger than that of music headsets, and they do not have to be folded.

Left: Music headset; right: Gaming headset.


3. Earmuffs:

Most music headphones use leather earmuffs, and in order to prevent sound leakage, they are usually well sealed. Gaming headsets need to be worn for a long time, and because they are prone to sweating during gaming, most of the earmuffs are made of cotton and breathable materials, and high-end models will also use special cool materials.


4. Microphone:

Most of the music headsets do not have a microphone, and the bluetooth headset will place one or more patch microphones on the motherboard. But game headsets basically have a microphone rod design, emphasizing the effect of calls.


5. Wireless solution:

Most of the music headphones are connected to terminals such as mobile phones through bluetooth; but most of the game headphones are wired, and the wireless is also connected to the computer through a 2.4ghz wireless usb transmitter to ensure extremely low latency.

Gaming headsets often come in a variety of ways to connect.


6. Appearance:

Gaming headsets usually look very cool, with various lighting effects, and the atmosphere is full.


Finally, for purchasing advice, if you want to choose a headset that suits your head circumference, it is best to try it on the spot and buy it.

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