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What are the common data cables interfaces?

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Nowadays, the update speed of mobile phones is getting faster and faster, there are more and more mobile phone accessories, and the charging interface is not single. What are the most common data cables on the market?


Micro-usb interface

It is the most common in android mobile phones. The front and back sides are different. There are two raised small card grooves on the back. The whole is in the shape of a trapezoid. There are 5 pin pins in the middle. A wide range of devices (such as power banks, speakers, cameras, etc.) that use this type of interface will not be troubled by the lack of a data cable to charge when the phone is out of power!



Type-c interface

Also known as the c port, it is a new generation of usb interface, the interface is symmetrical on both sides, charging regardless of the front and back, supports blind insertion! 24pin can support up to 20v voltage and 5a current, and supports bidirectional power transmission. It can not only charge itself, but also supply power to external devices. It has been widely used in various electronic products such as mobile phones and other peripheral accessories.



Lightning interface

It is an exclusive connector made by apple, which means lightning fast, fast in chinese! Therefore, it is also known as the "Lightning interface" Since the iphone5 and later iphones and ipads have adopted the lightning interface. From the appearance point of view, it also supports blind insertion regardless of the front and back. There are small notches on the side. The 8pin pins replace the early 30pin pins. The whole is more compact and beautiful, and the interface is more convenient to clean. In addition to basic charging and data transmission, it also supports video, audio and other output functions.

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