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What are the benefits of in-ear headphones custom?

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The so-called private customization is tailor-made for the ear. Personally customized in-ear headphones custom first came from the needs of entertainers on the stage. Since generalin-ear headphones often cannot be plugged in the ear canal, the headphones fall off during performances on the stage, so the method of removing ear molds has been developed.

Since the shape of each person's ear canal is different, if you can first obtain an ear mold for the individual ear canal, and then make ear canal earphones according to the ear mold, this will not only improve the firmness of wearing the earphone, but also ensure the airtightness of the ear canal. It has a positive effect on both comfort and sound performance during use.

In addition, personal customization can also allow users to choose their favorite shapes and colors, and wear them with a unique feeling. What I want to remind you is that in-ear headphones customs are not only about taking the model and creating the shape, but also choosing the single unit and the headphone cable that make the sound of the earphones. Therefore, the price of privately customized in-ear headphones is usually much higher than that of general earphones.

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