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To select a earphone bluetooth, you need to check 4 points

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To select a earphone bluetooth, you need to check 4 points

To select a earphone bluetooth, you need to check 4 points

1. Check the design to see if it fits

In ear earphones are characterized by an earpiece, which is installed in the ear like a plug. They are compact and airtight, and have become a standard feature of earphones in recent years. Due to its shape and airtightness, many earphones can produce good bass and make it easy to hear the smallest details.

Semi in ear earphones are earphones that fit the ear canal slightly. Their prices are also very reasonable.

However, the bass is weaker than the in ear type. They are also susceptible to external noise and have the disadvantage of making it difficult for people to hear subtle sounds. In addition, due to their structure, they are easy to leak sound, so attention should be paid when using them in crowded places such as trains.

2. Check the drive unit

The driver plays an important role in the sound quality of headphones. There are three main types: dynamic, balanced armature (BA) and hybrid.

The dynamic type is the most common type, and its characteristics are mainly to show low frequency; Ba type is good at displaying intermediate frequency and high frequency, and was originally used as a hearing aid. Their sounds are clear and delicate.

Mixed types are both dynamic and Ba types. They can reproduce a wide range of sound frequencies from low frequency to medium high frequency. They are usually used for expensive high-end models, so our budget should be taken into account before choosing.

If we want to enjoy high-quality music, we should choose "high definition".

High resolution music contains more information than CDs. If you want to enjoy high-quality music, we recommend checking whether your device supports playing high-resolution audio sources.

If you want high resolution, please choose one that can reproduce 40 kHz or higher, so that you can hear the artist's breath and the subtle sound of brass instruments, which is difficult to convey on a CD. This is the ideal choice for those who want to enjoy the real sound.

It is also worth noting that most high-resolution headphones are wired headphones.


3. Check the active noise elimination function to reduce environmental noise

If you want to enjoy music without being affected by ambient noise, please check whether the headset has noise reduction function. Active noise reduction is a function of reducing noise by generating sound in the opposite phase to the ambient noise. This enables you to enjoy music comfortably in a noisy environment, such as a crowded place or an airplane. Noise reduction also makes it easier to hear music at low volume.

However, it should be noted that the wireless headset consumes more battery power than usual when using the noise reduction function.

If you want to use them in running or other sports, make sure they are waterproof.

If you want to use it in running or other sports, you need to check the waterproof performance. There are different levels of waterproof, and the number behind "IPX" determines the waterproof level.

Generally speaking, if you prevent light rain, sweat and other small splashes, you will want an IPx4 or higher waterproof level. However, IPx4 to ipx6 are not completely waterproof and cannot be used for bathing or underwater.

If you want to use it in the swimming pool or bathroom, it is recommended to use ipx7-8 or higher. Please note that these are standards and performance varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

4. Check the model with microphone and qualified control device, which can be used for hands-free call

If you do a lot of business over the phone, you need a model with a microphone and control. With the microphone, you can make hands-free calls while wearing headphones.

Control allows you to make calls, play and pause music without having to take out your phone or other audio device connected to your headset. Please note that some devices may not be compatible with the headset control system.

Most earphones on the market today have a microphone and control unit. However, many high-end wired earphones are only used for listening and may not have a microphone or control device, so check before purchasing.

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