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The secret to longevity of the wireless earbuds charging case

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The secret to longevity of the wireless earbuds charging case

I believe that everyone is no stranger to AirPods. The first-generation product was launched in 2016, and the exquisite shape and user-friendly experience are all eye-catching. With the gradual improvement of research and development technology, the power consumption of the headset has been reduced to a certain extent, and the use time is 5 hours, but the talk time has increased to 3 hours, which is 50% higher than the first generation. The earphone charging case can also choose a wireless charging style.


Small size solutions and efficient components

Due to the extremely small size of wireless earphones, only lithium-ion batteries with very small capacity can be placed inside the earphones, and the capacity of such batteries is often within 50mAH. In addition, the strict size requirements make it impossible to integrate the traditional micro-USB charging interface inside the wireless earphone. Instead, two simple metal sheets are used as the input interface for earphone charging.

Due to the limitation of the battery capacity of the earphones, most manufacturers will come standard with a dedicated charging box to prolong the use time of the earbuds. Due to volume limitations, the capacity of the charging box is generally less than 1000mAH, and it can support two 50mAH wireless earphones for more than 5 times.

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