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The future development trend of the consumer electronics industry

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1. Technological upgrading drives the intelligent and integrated development of consumer electronic products.

The consumer electronics industry is a classic of technology-driven industries, and a technological innovation can bring new industry demands to the industry. Integration means that the product is small in size but can integrate more functions, and intelligence is the combination of hardware equipment and artificial intelligence, so that the intelligent terminal has the ability of information processing and data connection, and can realize functions such as perception and interactive services.

The concept of the Internet of Everything is emerging, the deep integration of consumer electronics products and the Internet of Things will become an important direction for the development of the industry, and all-round intelligent products will become the mainstream in the future.

2. Fast iteration of consumer electronic products, forming a mature industrial chain division system.

Consumer electronic products have a short life cycle and are rapidly updated. With the advancement of technology, consumer electronic products can continue to innovate, and drive downstream industries to cultivate emerging demand, and ultimately reshape the industry format.

3. The division of labor between brands and manufacturers is clear, and the industry concentration continues to increase

Due to the deepening of the consumer electronics industry, enterprises are gradually differentiated into brand owners, solution providers, manufacturers, etc., and the clear positioning makes the industry division of labor and concentration continue to increase. Some small-scale manufacturers with weak technical strength gradually withdraw, and industry resources are gradually concentrated to larger-scale manufacturers.

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