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The difference between game headphones and music headphones teaches you how to choose game headphones

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The difference between game headphones and music headphones teaches you how to choose game headphones

Putting on game headphones, immersing yourself in the incisive game experience, integrating with the sound effect of the game, and not being disturbed by the outside world, or disturbing the tranquility of the outside world, may be the most important role of game headphones. So what are the differences between game headphones and the music headphones we usually use? The difference between game headphones and music headphones lies in appearance, microphone, sound quality, etc. in addition to parameters, the purchase of game headphones should also consider comfort, etc. Let's have a detailed look.


The difference between game headphones and music headphones

1. Appearance:

In appearance, game headphones are widely used with wide headbands, bulky earmuffs, long enough and thick cables, and more imaginative. What they pursue is cool and domineering. Equipped with flashing adjustable lights, they give people a "forced" taste. Music headphones are usually not decorated with lights, and the appearance gives the impression that they are exquisite and compact, which can be carried by music lovers. What's more, it emphasizes the sense of fashion and the beauty of lines and materials.

2. Microphone:

The obvious difference between the two can be found in the microphone. Game headphones are generally equipped with a microphone, while music headphones generally do not carry a microphone in order to achieve good sound quality, so you can recognize which is a game headphone and which is a music headphone in a second. Of course, some music headphones still integrate the microphone into the online control, But it will not be connected with a long microphone conduit like a game headset.

3. Sound quality:

In terms of sound quality, game headphones pay more attention to the special rendering ability and accurate positioning ability, which brings players an immersive and on-the-spot shock, and gives people the feeling of being a gangster; Music headphones focus on the restoration of sound. The performance of low, medium and high frequency is relatively balanced, and the resolution will be clearer.

Teach you how to choose game headphones

Step 1: wireless or wired?

Most importantly, the most significant difference between game headphones is whether they are wired or wireless. I tested both in the evaluation and found that most game players like wired headphones very much. However, both have some advantages and disadvantages. Once you pair them correctly with your computer, wireless headphones are undoubtedly more convenient to use than their wired headphones. The lack of power cord allows you to move completely freely, and even grab something in a short distance, while listening to what happens in the game or continuing to talk through voice chat. However, I find that all wireless models are more expensive than many similar wired models, so you will certainly pay more for the extra freedom provided by wireless models. More importantly, I also found that the audio quality and microphone quality of wireless headphones are far lower than those of wired models. Despite these shortcomings, if your game computer is set to use too long cables, or if you move frequently and hate being tied by ropes when playing games, the wireless model may be your only choice.

Step 2: comfort is the king.

Although you may be content to endure a pair of inappropriate earplugs for oneortwo hours during exercise or exercise, the wearing time of the game headset is much longer, and ensuring that it can comfortably adapt to your head is crucial to make full use of your new game headset and avoid any cranial compression.

It is important to try before you buy. Everyone's head and ears are different. Nothing can be close to trying on headphones before you buy. Although I'm sure I find the most comfortable earphones are very suitable for most people, it's worth seeing if you can borrow a pair from a friend or try it in the store for a fit test. However, if you can't do this, we recommend that you buy new headphones from retailers with loose return policies. If you find the earmuffs are the wrong size or any discomfort, you can send them back.

Step 3: choose bass?

When you feel completely immersed in the game and you want to find headphones with audio quality that matches your favorite games, the audio tracks and sound effects can be almost as many as the visual effects. For many fans of first person shooters who may be non competitors, those who want to hear the roar of engines in racing games, or those who want to achieve the highest level of terror in horror games, if this is the case, you will need to find headphones with the largest driver, so that you can get the rumbling low-end without serious distortion.

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