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The correct way to wear in-ear headphones

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The correct way to wear in-ear headphones

Early mobile phones and mp3 headphone jacks, in ear earphones can be mixed, mainly in-ear headphones. Now smartphones have basically cancelled the separate in ear earphones jack, and changed to use a headphone adapter to share with the USB interface, and most headphones are in-ear. The way of wearing in-ear headphones is different from that of old-fashioned earphones. It is easy to slip or even fail to wear in the same way, so it is very important to know the correct way to wear in-ear headphones.

Everyone has their own preferred way of wearing headphones, for example, some people wear earbuds that won't slip off and feel comfortable, or have their own unique way of wearing them. There are a variety of ways to wear headphones, as long as it suits you.

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