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The best gaming headset earbuds 2022: our top picks for on-the-go PC gaming

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The best gaming headset earbuds will be a top priority for those who finally get their hands on their new handheld PC console.

The best gaming headset earbuds can't be found by browsing our own best gaming headset guide and picking the first PC-compatible one you see. Even the best PC headset for gaming lists might not get you exactly what you're looking for. And that's because the Steam Deck offers something different in terms of an in-situ/portable balance, and you may well want a headset that fits nicely into that niche too.

So, if you've just got your new Steam Deck - you lucky thing - or are awaiting its imminent arrival, sorting out your audio and ensuring you have one of the best Steam Deck headsets to hand when it gets to you is one of the best jobs to tick off.

It will also not cost you a lot either - there is definitely the option to splash the cash for the best experience, but there are numerous affordable headsets available for Steam Deck. We test as many headsets as we can here at GamesRadar+ so we're ready to recommend some great cups we already know intimately to be your Stem Deck's audio companion.

We've covered a lot of budget areas, needs, and preferences in this list, so we're confident you'll find the best gaming headset earbuds for you here.

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