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The basics you need to know before buying headphones

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The basics you need to know before buying headphones

1. First of all, let's take a look at what types of headphones can be divided into?

Headphones are mainly divided into the following three types according to the wearing method.

(1) Over-ear type: The ear-cup is more than the ear, these headphones usually do not have a compact or foldable design, so they are not portable, but they are the best for comfort and sound.

(2) Ear-hook type: It has good comfort, but sacrifices sound quality and noise isolation.

(3) In-ear earphones: In-ear earphones are not particularly comfortable if they are worn for a long time, so the market share is also shrinking.


2. We need to locate the direction: sound quality, portability and price.

If you pursue sound quality, you need to start with some professional equipment.

If you are looking for value for money, be prepared to compromise on sound quality.

And now because many devices cancel the headphone jack, Bluetooth headsets are becoming more and more popular, and Bluetooth headsets are often more expensive.


3. Below we determine the usage scenarios:

(1) Office headphones need to achieve the following two points: a high degree of comfort and good sound insulation.

(2) Headphones for business trips and long-distance flights are almost the same as office headphones, but generally speaking, wireless is more convenient.

(3) Gaming headphone definitely don’t need good sound quality, but good sound must have several important performances: present the location of the sound in a clear and precise way, so that the player can directly understand the nature of things like footsteps or the sound of an upcoming gunshot. source. On the other hand is the bass: making the game more interesting, amplifying the collision and explosion effects on the screen.

(4) Sports earphones need to be durable enough to withstand sweat, rain and accidental drops, a small wireless Bluetooth earphone is the best choice.

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