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Sports headphones are more suitable for sports enthusiasts

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Sports headphones are more suitable for sports enthusiasts

For a long time, many people think that sports headphones are IQ taxes. The sound quality is average, but the price is quite expensive, and the experience is far inferior to traditional in-ear or semi-in-ear headphones. The evaluation is mixed, so are sports headphones really that bad?


At present, it has become a common phenomenon to wear headphones when going out. You can often see many people wearing headphones listening to music or watching videos on buses and subways. Especially with the full popularity of wireless Bluetooth headsets, people wearing headsets can be seen almost everywhere, especially in public places.


Noise-cancelling headphones have become the new mainstream, but the security risks are high

Headphones with noise reduction function seem to have become the new mainstream. Nowadays, major mobile phone manufacturers and audio brands are focusing on the research and development of noise reduction headphones, and the competition is very fierce. The advantages of noise-cancelling headphones are indeed obvious. They can effectively isolate ambient noise and allow you to listen and enjoy music better. On the crowded bus or subway, you can also get your own personal music space.


However, noise-cancelling headphones also have certain security risks. They block out ambient sounds and make you unable to understand your surroundings in time, which may cause you to miss some important notifications or alerts. The danger is even higher if noise-cancelling headphones are used in public places or on the road. Therefore, even if the music is beautiful, you still need to maintain contact with the surrounding environment when you are out and increase your security awareness.


Although wireless headphones are easy to use, they still have many shortcomings

With the popularity of Apple's AirPods, more and more people use wireless headphones. Wireless earphones are really convenient, they are not hindered by wires when using, and they are easy to carry. You only need to take out the headphone case and open the cover, and it can be automatically connected and used. In places where there are many people such as the bus and subway, you don't have to worry about the earphone cable hooking on other people's clothes, and listening to music is more free.


However, there are still many disadvantages of wireless headphones. The wearing stability of semi-in-ear headphones is relatively general, and may be squeezed out in crowded places, and it is not suitable for sports scenes. In-ear headphones will be more stable, but if they are worn for a long time, symptoms such as otitis media may occur, which has certain health risks.


Although many wireless earphones are advertised as waterproof, the actual waterproof ability is really average. Slight sweat or rain may not have much effect, but if you want to swim in the water, you really don't have to think about it. Therefore, although wireless headphones are easy to use, they still have many shortcomings, which cannot well meet the needs of sports enthusiasts.


The sports earphones are peculiar in shape, but there are many highlights


In recent years, sports headphones have gradually become the preference of sports enthusiasts, and their biggest advantage is their strong waterproof ability. At present, the waterproof level of sports headphones on the market is above IP56, and high-end products can even reach IP68 waterproof.

There is a bone conduction sports earphone, the sound is transmitted to the cochlea through the bones, and does not need to enter the ear canal directly, which can effectively avoid ear canal diseases such as otitis media. When listening to music, both ears can still receive the surrounding sound information, reducing the hidden dangers during exercise.

Because of the unique shape design of sports earphones, it does not have any noise reduction ability. But the so-called "you can't have both fish and bear's paw", for certain groups of people, especially sports enthusiasts, the experience of using sports headphones may be better.

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