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New Items-G3 Gaming Headset

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Gaming Headset-G3 adopts 50mm high magnetic neodymium-iron-boron unit, with excellent resolution, excellent dynamics and clear sound quality; CCA double-layer voice coil, copper-clad aluminum wire is lighter and more responsive, with more texture in the middle and high frequencies; built-in digital sound card, high-quality sound signal restoration, reducing distortion and vivid details.

Gaming Headphone-G3 has an angular outline, upgraded color scheme and LED dazzling lights. Headset Gaming-G3 with gunmetal, black and red with a sense of texture and professionalism, while red, yellow and blue and other seven dazzling light distribution in the ear shell left and right, a sense of game, technology.

Headphone Gaming-G3 wire control modeling and headset style coordination echo, wire control mode dazzling light and function switching synergy consistent, sophisticated design, ingenuity and unique!

Over-head Headphone-G3 assembly near-field pickup background noise elimination microphone, effectively eliminate environmental noise; omnidirectional sound collection, eliminating the near-speaking effect. Even if the background noise, action amplitude is large, calls, recordings are always stable and clear. And ear amplifier chip only 4mA minimum quiescent current, can minimize noise interference, improve sound quality. Function in-line control integrated volume adjustment, EQ preset mode adjustment, mute switch, easy to operate.

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