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Let us Discuss the Difference Types of Noise Cancellation Technologies Headphones

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Let us Discuss the Difference Types of Noise Cancellation Technologies Headphones

There are primarily three types of noise cancellation ,which are:

1. Active Noise Cancellation – This type uses the speakers and microphones to reduce the surrounding background noise. It is the most commonly used form of noise cancellation technology and is used in developing high-end over the ear headphones like our Wireless Headphones. It is also a very battery efficient form of noise-cancelling technology.

2. Passive Noise Cancellation – This type uses ear cups and earbuds that are intrinsically designed and structured to fit inside the ear to seal out the background noise. This type of noise cancellation is primarily used in in-ear earphones.

3. Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation – This type uses both speakers and microphones to adjust to the surroundings and background noise automatically. It is a more complex form of ANC technology, where the noise cancelling aspect is digitally adapted by the headphones based on the surroundings.

noise cancellation

How is Active Noise Cancellation Used in Earphones?

The noise that a user hears outside of the headphones is different from the noise they hear inside the headphones. For instance, the attenuation in passive noise if earphones and headphones have major differences. Hence, the quality of noise cancellation differs based on the capability of capturing sound for headphones or earphones.

This brings forth a very interesting question – Where should the microphone be positioned best for capturing and cancelling out noise?

1. Feedback ANC

The microphone is positioned inside the headphones.  it is only effective for low frequencies of noise.

2. Hybrid ANC

It covers every base by using outside and inside positioned microphones, which offers pristine attenuation for noise frequency coverage. This eliminates any feedback issues for noise cancellation in headphones.

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