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Is the electronics industry growing in reverse?

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The annual CES consumer electronics show ended on the 7th local time in the United States. Affected by the epidemic, CES adopted an online model last year, and this year, it adopted an online + offline joint exhibition method, but Google, Amazon and other major manufacturers announced their withdrawal from the exhibition, and many manufacturers did not participate in the exhibition, or did not participate offline. exhibit.

The CES show began in 1967 and was hosted by the American Consumer Electronics Manufacturers Association. Held every January in Las Vegas, it is the world's largest and most influential annual consumer electronics technology exhibition. Over the years, CES has gathered the most core manufacturers and the most advanced concepts and technologies in the field of consumer electronics.

What impact has the epidemic had on the exhibition and even the entire electronic consumer field? What has changed in the hot areas of CES, such as chips and smart home industries?

How has the outbreak affected CES and the consumer electronics sector?

The epidemic has brought a certain degree of adverse impact on offline exhibitions of all types and industries. Especially for an international exhibition like CES. Exhibitors at international exhibitions come from all over the world, but due to the epidemic, the global movement of people is restricted. At this year's CES exhibition, many manufacturers announced that they would not participate in or not participate in offline exhibitions.

But unexpectedly, in the context of the epidemic, the sales of consumer electronics products showed a contrarian growth trend. Bao Ran, head of the Interactive Media Industry Alliance of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, head of the Digital Culture Working Group, and member of the Expert Committee, said that there are two main reasons for the contrarian growth in the field of consumer electronics.

First, the need for telecommuting and distance education has stimulated consumers' demand for upgrading consumer electronic products. Lenovo, HP, Dell and other brands of PC products have boosted sales in the past two years. Mobile electronic products, such as mobile phones and tablets, have also gained new sales vitality due to the need for remote teaching.

Second, the auto industry has ushered in a new round of buying enthusiasm. The epidemic has had a huge impact on the global chip industry, and the automotive industry is facing a shortage of chips. Even traditional fossil energy vehicles require a large number of electronic components. The shortage of chips leads to a shortage of cars. There is a phenomenon in the consumer market. The more a certain commodity is out of stock, the higher the enthusiasm of consumers to buy, and the price of the commodity will rise accordingly. The shortage of automobiles due to the chip problem has stimulated the enthusiasm of consumers to buy automobiles, which has caused the prosperity of the consumer electronics market to some extent.

What is the future development trend of the chip industry?

First, the division of labor in the chip industry chain will become more and more clear. In the early days, the chip industry was a vertical model, and a series of tasks such as chip design, R&D, production, testing, and packaging were completed by one company. Only giant companies with rich technical accumulation in the technical field can complete the chip vertical model. Production, there are very few companies in the world that can do it. At present, many chip companies have divested their own production plants and adopted the form of foundry. It is precisely because of the increasingly obvious trend of division of labor that, in a sense, chip manufacturing is easier.

Secondly, the open source of chip architecture is in the ascendant at present. We used to talk about software open source, but now there is a more radical business model - completely free hardware open source. The open source of the chip architecture may have a fundamental impact on the chip giants, and may even cause a dimensionality reduction blow to the traditional giants in the chip industry.

Even so, Bao Ran believes that giant companies in the chip industry will still maintain their traditional giant status. After all, the market still has huge demand for high-performance and stable chips, but in the future, the chip industry will flourish instead of being more monopolistic.

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