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How to deal with a Bluetooth headset dropped in water?

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Bluetooth headset is now entering a period of high-speed development. However, in daily life, there are often some incalculable and unexpected situations. For example, the Bluetooth headset into the water. So when we encounter the Bluetooth headset in the water situation we should do?


1. Remove the moisture in the headset

After the headset into the water, the first thing I do is to take a paper towel to wipe the water, followed by drying. You should note that you should never use a dryer, or machine or dry in the sun because that will greatly affect the internal structure of your headset. Also, you should not plug the headset into your phone or laptop to check, because that will also make your Bluetooth headset more quickly damaged.

2. Check whether the headset is still working

The headset work, but as soon as possible the headset for shutdown, the headset does not work, do not try to turn it on.

3. Confirm whether the headset is disconnected

Confirm that the headset is disconnected, you can force the headset to shake the headset, and the headset of water as much as possible to the headset outside, do not leave a lot of water in the headset.

4. Use the placement method

After draining the water from the headset, use the vacuum bag to put the headset into the rice bowl, or put the desiccant and Bluetooth headset in a transparent plastic box to avoid the desiccant directly absorbing the water vapor in the environment. It is also possible to place it in this way for a few days because there is a dry environment will condense the water vapor out of the condensation in the vacuum belt.

5. Standing for 24 hours

Rest for 24 hours, the Bluetooth headset out, and press the headset on the button, if you can see the headset white light flashing, can work properly. But if the headset does not turn on the light, we should get the Bluetooth brand after-sales outlets to test the actual situation, the professionals will deal with the situation.

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