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How to choose the right sports bluetooth headphone for you?

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How to choose the right sports bluetooth headphone for you?

People start exercising for health, and exercise can help us recover from bad moods. Many companies have launched sports-related products, such as xiaomi bracelet, apple watch, etc., which have become essential equipment for people to exercise. It is necessary to wear headphones to listen to music during sports. For this reason, manufacturers have specially launched sports headphones. It is convenient for people to use when running, swimming and cycling. What is the most important thing about a qualified sports headphone? What's the difference with ordinary wireless earphones?


Headphone fit

First of all, sports earphones need to be fixed on the ear while maintaining vigorous exercise, and cannot be easily dropped. Compared with ordinary semi-in-ear headphones, sports headphones have higher stability. Therefore, the general sports earphones generally adopt the hanging ear type or the in-ear type according to the ergonomic design principle. In this way, you can use it with confidence whether it is running or jumping rope and other strenuous sports, without worrying about the earphones falling off your ears.

 sports bluetooth headphones

Transparency mode

Transparency mode is also important for sports headphones. A fitness environment is usually accompanied by a lot of ambient noise. Although the noise reduction function can block out ambient noise, it is also dangerous, especially for people who exercise outdoors. Noise-cancelling headphones with a transparent mode are very suitable for use during exercise, which not only ensures the immersion of music, but also knows the surrounding environment at any time.

Bone conduction headphones have their own transparent mode, so from a safety point of view, bone conduction headphones have inherent advantages and are also very suitable for use as sports headphones.


Bluetooth connection

When exercising outdoors, the headphone is easily interfered by various signal radiation waves, which interrupt the connection between the headphone and the mobile phone. When exercising outdoors, the high-end bluetooth function can improve the transmission stability of the headphone, and also bring lower latency performance. In this way, when exercising, the rhythm of your exercise will not be disturbed by the music that pauses from time to time.


Ip waterproof rating

Whether you are running or cycling outdoors, you will inevitably encounter unexpected weather. As a sports earphone, waterproof is the most critical element. Usually, you will see the headphone manufacturer marked "Ipxx". Among them, ip is the abbreviation of ingress protection, which means ingress protection level. In the back xx, the x on the left is the dustproof level, which is divided into 6 levels. The x on the right is the waterproof level, which is divided into 8 grades. The higher the two indicators, the better. Manufacturers will generally describe the dust and water resistance of the product in detail after the rating. In this way, you don't have to think too much about the safety performance of the headphone when using it, and you can use it with confidence.



When buying sports earphones, everyone should consider the four aspects of earphone fit, transparency mode, bluetooth connection and waterproof performance. It is best to take into account these four functions. Bone conduction earphones and neck-mounted earphones are more convenient when exercising. For true wireless earphones, the charging box should be considered. In addition to the need to carry the charging box on the body, the charging box of most earphones is not waterproof, so you need to pay more attention when using it. .


Finally, I hope everyone can take some time every week to do physical exercise, which is very helpful for physical and mental health. Put on headphones and open the music app to start exercising.

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