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How to choose the right over head headphones for you?

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1. Purpose

If you like to have fun at home by yourself, you can consider an open-ear earphone. If you want to take it out on the street, you can choose a semi-open or closed ear-pressing type that is more suitable for you.

2. Front end: what device to use to push the headset.

Simply put, the front-end thrust basically refers to how much current output can be provided.

In terms of headphones, there are two related parameters, one is impedance and the other is sensitivity. The lower the impedance, the higher the sensitivity and the better the push.

Sensitivity means that devices like mobile phones and integrated sound cards have insufficient thrust. If the power of the headset is too large, it will not be able to exert the strength of the headset due to insufficient thrust.

3. Important parameters of the headset

Sound field: A loud sound field is like watching a movie in a movie theater, a small sound field is like watching TV in a room, the amount of space you can feel depends on the size of the sound field.

Tri-band: Headphone tri-band refers to low frequency, medium frequency and high frequency, and tri-band balance refers to the appropriate amount of high, medium and low frequency, good connection, and there will be no feeling that one frequency band covers another frequency band.

Resolution: The clarity of the sound and the ability to express the amount of detail information. At present, the resolution largely determines the price of a headphone. The higher the resolution of the headphone, the more vivid what you hear.

Dynamics: Whether the earphones can correctly express small sounds and loud sounds. A good dynamic headphone can accurately express the maximum and minimum volume of the volume.

Unit size: that is, the size of the diaphragm. The larger the diaphragm, the better the overall sound quality. Generally, the size of the headphone diaphragm is 30-40mm, and the high-end ones will reach 50mm or more.

4. Favorite type of music

Because of the different tuning of earphones, the styles of each earphone are very different. It is also very important to locate the earphones according to your own preferences according to whether you prefer bass, vocals, or rock electronic music.

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