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How to choose the right headphones?

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For us today, earphones are nothing more than ordinary things. On the subway, in everyone, people can be seen everywhere wearing earphones and walking in a hurry. Today, the editor is here for you. Introduce a few tips to teach you how to choose the right earphones!

1. The comfort of the headset

Comfort is very important for earphones. Wearing them should not be too tight or too loose. For long-term wear, ear comfort is very important.

2. Don’t just focus on the parameters of the headset

Some things are very important to look at the parameters, such as computers, TVs, etc., but headphones can’t just pay attention to this parameter, because the parameters do not necessarily determine the sound quality of the headphones. Some headphones with high parameters have average sound quality, while some parameters are ordinary. very good.

3. The sound quality of the headphones

The sound quality of the earphones is very important. The sound quality of a pair of earphones needs to be experienced by us. According to the main parameters recommended by the International Electrotechnical Commission. The frequency range is not less than 50HZ~12,500HZ, and the best frequency response of the current dynamic earphone is about 5~45000. The allowable error of typical frequency response is plus or minus 3dB. The slope of the frequency response curve does not exceed 9dB per octave. In short, for any pair of headphones, the sound should be clear, detailed, without distortion, and the low frequency is deep and clear.

4. The durability of the headset

The durability of headphones is also an important factor in our selection of headphones. Durability is very important in the field of portable audio and professional.

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