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How to choose sports bluetooth headphones?

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Different sports types also have special needs for sports headphones. How to choose, let's see!

Running: Choose sports bluetooth earphones that are not easy to fall off, have moderate sound insulation, and are sweat-proof and rain-proof

Running exercise here is mainly aimed at friends who are outdoor aerobic jogging. This kind of exercise requires earphones with excellent anti-sweat effect and wearing firmness. We also talked about the safety of overnight running, so we have to choose a sports bluetooth headphone that is not so good in sound insulation can improve the safety of night running. For example, an in-ear sports bluetooth headphone with a large cavity that can be perfectly embedded in the cochlea is a runner's favorite.

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Gym: Sound isolation can be better, sound quality priority, durable and sturdy sports bluetooth headphones

The main thing here is the anaerobic equipment training in the gym. When doing this kind of exercise, the sound insulation effect can be relatively better, mainly because the environment in the gym is relatively noisy, and people are more focused during equipment training. The requirements for the rhythm of the sound are relatively high. In addition, we cannot be distracted by the firmness of the earphones. At this time, friends need an ear-hung type or one that can be completely inserted into the ear. Wearing in-ear sports bluetooth headphones with excellent firmness can better ensure the firm effect, and the sound insulation effect is relatively strong. People who do equipment training in the gym choose this type of headphones.


Swimming: High-grade waterproof sports bluetooth headphones

If this exercise is carried out for a long time, all you hear is the sound of water, which will feel very monotonous, so it is also very necessary to wear a sports bluetooth headphone. This kind of sports requires sports bluetooth headphones to have excellent waterproof effect, ipx (waterproof level) at least 7, and the requirements for wearing firmness are relatively high, at least able to withstand long-term bumps, sports bluetooth headphones need to be with strong waterproof effect and wearing firmness, big brands such as sony or some bone conduction earphone products are the favorite of many swimming enthusiasts.


After reading the above introduction, friends, do you already know how to choose a sports bluetooth headphones that suits you? In fact, many people think that sports bluetooth headphones can not help exercise, in fact, this point has been changes have taken place. From the perspective of the development of sports bluetooth headphones, it is now not only a digital product that gets rid of the shackles of cables and improves the fun of sports. With the advantages of its own processor and power supply, it has gradually it has become an integrated digital product, showing a more intelligent and user-friendly trend. Maybe in the near future, a sports bluetooth headphone can really become your personal sports coach.



Compared with conventional sports digital products, sports bluetooth headphones have the advantages of enhancing sports fun and increasing sports time. Its gradually improved functions and the characteristics of integrating various sports digital products also make it an essential product for sports. If your friends really feel that exercise is boring and can't stick to it for a long time, choose a sports bluetooth headphone that suits you, and then go for a run outdoors, go to the gym to play with equipment, and go to the swimming pool to show your posture, you will definitely like it. Sports you add more fun.

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