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How to choose a good bluetooth earphone?

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How to choose a good bluetooth earphone?

Here are a few things to know:

1. Connection stability

We all know that bluetooth earphones rely on bluetooth to transmit signals, so connection stability is very important. In the process of use, the range and frequency of bluetooth earphones will be limited to a certain extent. If the stability is poor, it is easy to experience stuck, disconnected, unstable connection, intermittent sound, and transmission interruption. If you want to avoid these problems, you must choose a bluetooth earphone with a 5.0 or 5.2 bluetooth version and a stable connection cable.


2. Sound quality

The sound quality directly affects the experience of bluetooth earphones. Different bluetooth earphones have a very large gap in sound quality. In the case of the same sound source quality, the quality of the bluetooth earphone is mainly determined by the encoding format, sound unit, and cylinder design during transmission.


3. Noise reduction

According to different usage scenarios, the current noise reduction methods of bluetooth earphones on the market can be divided into three types: Active noise reduction, call noise reduction, and physical noise reduction.

Active noise reduction: Through the calculation of the noise reduction chip, sound waves are emitted to eliminate external noise. The db depth determines the level of noise reduction. The higher the depth, the more noise from the outside world can be eliminated. However, excessive noise reduction will cause damage to the headphones, and the most suitable noise reduction depth for the human body is 40db.

Call noise reduction: When making a call, the bluetooth earphone will perform noise processing on the external noise received by the call microphone to ensure a clear call sound.

Physical noise reduction: In-ear headphones generally have ear caps that can be directly inserted into the human ear, so in-ear headphones often use physical methods to isolate external noise.

 bluetooth earphone

4. Comfort

When using headphones, if the comfort is too poor, it will cause a poor feeling of use. In addition to the basic functions, the most important thing is to observe its size, weight, and material, which will affect the wearing feeling. A earphone with higher comfort can bring us a better experience. When choosing, you should make a reasonable choice according to your own ears. For example, people with small ears can try to choose headphones with thin and light body.


5. Battery life

Charging is a hassle for most people, and bluetooth earphones with a long battery life can reduce this trouble and are very suitable for "Lazy people".


I would like to emphasize to everyone that electronic digital products such as bluetooth earphones must be experienced by themselves to know whether they are good or not, and you must have a little understanding of the products before purchasing to prevent them from falling into the pit.

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