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How to choose a comfortable wireless bluetooth headphones?

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When selecting wireless bluetooth headphones, it is recommended to fully consider the following aspects:


1: Comfortable to wear

The wearing comfort of wireless bluetooth headphones should be considered from two aspects: wearing mode and weight. Of course, ergonomic design, ear shape and angle... But there are many factors and indicators that can be used as reference, so here we want to focus on these two indicators and simply check the comfort of wearing headphones.

2: Easy to operate

Most earphone manufacturers only allow you to press and hold the buttons on the left and right sides of the earphone body. Therefore, due to the limitations of the earphone body, the range of control buttons is relatively small. First, the range of control buttons for telephone answering and voice assistant is relatively small due to the limitations of the earphone body. First, you need to take a little time to remember the combination of buttons. These buttons are used to control loud, low voice, songs, front and back functions, But this is normal. It is usually necessary at first, but once you get used to it, control becomes easier.

3: Sound quality

When most people buy Bluetooth earphones, excellent sound quality is the most basic requirement. A pair of earphones with good sound quality can be heard from the following three points.

1. Resolution: resolution is a very important factor in choosing earphones. Good earphones can clearly show the bass in the bass field and the metal percussion in the high field. Here you can hear those Instrumental Songs. High resolution also allows headphones to interpret songs as more complete and relative music.

2. Positioning and sound field: the balance between left and right channels is an assumption that must be made by audio equipment, followed by detailed positioning. Generally speaking, the positioning of headphones is very good, and the most intuitive way is to smoothly hear the sound.

4: Silencing (adjustable)

More and more noise reduction earphones allow users to adjust the noise reduction level and the way in which the ambient sound enters according to the user's environment and needs. The common methods are adjustable active noise cancellation and adaptive ANC. Adjustable active noise reduction allows you to adjust the level of active noise reduction using the buttons on the headset or mobile apps, while Bose QC earplugs and Jabra elite 85t allow you to manually adjust the noise reduction intensity in the app. The adaptive active noise reduction headset will automatically adjust the noise reduction intensity and adjust it in real time to achieve the best performance when detecting the sound change in the listener's ear. For example, the automatic noise reduction function of Sony wf-1000xm4 can automatically adjust sound settings according to user activities.

5: Battery life

There are many factors that affect the battery life of the headset, such as whether the noise reduction function is enabled or not and the volume of the music you listen to. Therefore, when selecting awireless bluetooth headphones, please look at the duration after the noise reduction function is enabled. We strive to ensure that this is also fundamental to ensuring long-term wear.

6: Call quality

According to the currentwireless bluetooth headphones technology, the fields affecting the call quality are mainly divided into three microphone numbers, radio positions and noise reduction technologies (ANC, CVC and DSP). The DSP receives the external environment sound through the microphone and uses the internal function of the earphone to generate the inverted wave of the environment sound to eliminate the sound; CVC technology is mainly used to reduce the echo in the call and make the call clearer; ANC technology is used to reduce noise during calls.

7: Other functions

Other functions of the headset include thewireless bluetooth headphones level of the Bluetooth version. The higher the level, the lower the delay. The dust-proof and water-proof level is OK. At least IPx4 or above is enough to deal with general water spray. If you have sports needs, it is better to ipx5 or above.

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