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How to buy fast charging data cable?

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How to buy fast charging data cable?

Nowadays, there are an increasing number of electronic devices that are firmly embedded in all parts of life. When the original data cable is lost or broken, the newly acquired cable may charge very slowly. Why is this the case?

Electronic gadgets charge quicker and slower than the charging head, regardless of whether it enables rapid charging. Connecting the two data connections also plays a significant role. There are numerous brands of various types of data lines on the market, and their pricing varies. It is possible to say that there are significant pricing differences. How should I choose a quick charging data cable while making a purchase?

If you want to find a decent fast-charging data line, you can start with these considerations.

3 in 1 Usb Fast Charging Cable

1. The core of the data line

Fast and sluggish data line charging has a lot to do with the core. The cores used in different data lines are different, generally good data lines used in the cores are tinned copper and bare copper. The better the core, the larger the core the greater the current passed through, thus providing its charging efficiency, to achieve a fast charging effect. Here it is necessary to pay special attention to not the data cable body thick core is thick.

2. Whether to support fast charging protocol

Whether the cable supports PD3.0/QC3.0/QC2.0/PPS (5.2V-11V)/FCP/AFC and most of the fast charging protocols, covering the mainstream brands of cell phones. If it does not support its fast charging protocol is also unable to fast charge.

3. The data cable wire

The data line of various electronic items is the most convenient to consume, bursting skin or breaking and other issues. The wire's substance is another factor that influences its service life. PVC wire, TPE wire, and nylon braided wire are all common wire materials.

PVC material: it has a high hardness and is non-flammable, but it has a harsh texture and weak durability.

TPE material: the data line is soft and durable, and it is not easily deformed or cracked when pulled and bent at will.

Nylon braided material is robust, bending resistant, stretch resistant, and has other properties.

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