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How to buy a cell phone charger

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The brand matters when selecting a compatible cell phone charger; you should purchase products made by reputable companies. because it is quite difficult to determine the charger's basic operating principle. Even for experts, it can be challenging to precisely assess the efficiency and quality of the charger from its appearance without opening the charger and employing testing tools.

Even if they are a little more expensive, certain well-known product brands use more formal science in their component selection and line design, which results in better charging effects. If you purchase a non-original mobile phone charger, you should also check the mold's fineness to ensure that your phone may be plugged in and unplugged simultaneously with uniform resistance and flexibility. You must consider the fair degree of its line design for a portion of the battery to charge directly to the seat charger, similar to the previously mentioned travel charger.


The charger marked with the "CQC" certification mark has a safety guarantee from a general safety perspective. As a result, you ought to try to purchase goods that bear the "CQC" or other certification markings. Then, select the charger that is appropriate for your phone. The two charging operations that cell phone chargers often do are charging with the machine (using the electrical connector on the phone to charge the battery) and charging with the charging base. They should be able to choose the right charger by knowing the sort of battery they use, its capacity, and its nominal voltage before making a decision.

The range of use, output voltage, output current, and other technical specifications are marked on standard charger items. If possible, test the charger's output no-load voltage and output short-circuit current values with a multimeter to see if the actual data matches the specified technical requirements.

Several brands of chargers can be blended from a brand perspective. It can be used as long as the interface and the output voltage and current are the same. The nation published unified cell phone charging standards guidelines in 2010. Although mixing has no effect in theory, the average individual has little understanding of whether the output current is the same, making it simple to make a mistake. It is advised to utilize the original charger and adamantly discouraged from using a cheap, subpar charger.


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